Woman Asks Recruiter Why She Wasn't Hired After Wearing Her Bikini In The Interview

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, work-from-home has become more and more popular because many employers learned that remote work is the future of work and found that it can bring to their business many benefits and improve work-life balance for their employees. As a result, in the working market today, it's not hard for employees to find a remote job.
Besides many advantages, working from home has many disadvantages too. For example, the workers might participate in meetings and interviews in inappropriate clothes. Take the case of the woman in the story below, for example. She wore her bikini to attend an online interview. And she didn't know that was the reason why she was eliminated from the recruitment.
What kinds of clothes do you think are appropriate for business professional? Do you think that wearing a bikini in an interview is acceptable? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments. For more details, scroll down to read the entire story and the opinions of other people as well.

Remote job interviews force recruiters to speak with applicants in the most peculiar situations:

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A woman decided to take a job interview in her bikini because that was the best time for her to go out for coffee and then to the beach

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Although most people believe that professionalism is a desirable thing, there is no universal agreement on what professionalism actually entails in the current world

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Other Redditors also related their funniest encounters with applicants who decided to continue with their leisure activities notwithstanding the interview

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Commenters laughed at the unreasonable demandsĀ and lousy choices of their candidates:

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