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  1. Ariana DeBose: The Heart and Voice Of "Wish"
  2. Wishful Plot And Disney Delight
  3. DeBose's Musical Mastery And Nostalgic Feels
  4. A Safe Paean to Disney Magic

"Wish" Review: Ariana DeBose Shines In A Disney Musical Spectacle

Step into the enchanting world of "Wish," the latest animated musical that unapologetically embraces its Disney charm. If you're a Disney lover, buckle up for a magical ride; if not, maybe check out "Killers of the Flower Moon" or "The Holdovers." But for those still with us, get ready to witness Ariana DeBose's powerhouse performance that elevates this tale of wishes and whimsy.

#1. Ariana DeBose: The Heart and Voice Of "Wish"

Ariana DeBose: The Heart and Voice of "Wish" Source: Disney
In the heart of "Wish" is Ariana DeBose, a force of nature who brings to life the character of Asha, a lovable teen with dreams as big as her heart. While the film flirts with Disney excess, DeBose's performance serves as the anchor, offering a character with plucky verve and vocals that effortlessly soar.
Her portrayal adds a layer of depth to the movie, making it a captivating experience for audiences of all ages who are sure to fall under the spell of DeBose's magnetic on-screen presence.

#2. Wishful Plot And Disney Delight

Wishful Plot and Disney Delight Source: Disney
The island kingdom of Rosas unfolds as a whimsical setting ruled by King Magnifico, played by Chris Pine. The narrative weaves a tale of wishes, magical ceremonies, and a clash of ideals. As Asha's journey unfolds, "Wish" strikes a balance between Disney nostalgia and new-age storytelling.
While some characters lack development, the film compensates with a tight runtime and catchy original songs, creating a vibrant canvas where the magic of Disney comes to life with every musical note.

#3. DeBose's Musical Mastery And Nostalgic Feels

DeBose's Musical Mastery And Nostalgic Feels Source: Disney
Julia Michaels and Benjamin Rice's original songs breathe life into "Wish," with highlights like the anthemic "This Wish." DeBose's talent shines, reminiscent of classic Disney heroines, and becomes the beating heart of the movie. The film, though not without flaws, encapsulates Disney's 100th-anniversary celebration, delivering nods to animated classics and characters.
Younger audiences will be enchanted by the film's clever nods and musical spectacle, overshadowing occasional plot shortcomings, as DeBose's vocal prowess elevates "Wish" into a nostalgic, heartfelt journey through the magical realms of Disney.

#4. A Safe Paean to Disney Magic

As "Wish" concludes Disney's 100th-anniversary celebration, it leaves an indelible mark. The film's unapologetic commitment to Disney nostalgia, DeBose's magnetic performance, and catchy tunes make it an entertaining experience. Despite its flaws, "Wish" triumphs as a heartfelt journey that captures the essence of classic Disney. So, whether you're humming "When You Wish Upon a Star" or marveling at DeBose's vocal prowess, "Wish" is a cinematic treat that unabashedly celebrates the magic of Disney.
In the end, "Wish" invites everyone, Disney lover or not, to revel in its whimsical world and remember the timeless joy that comes with a touch of Disney magic. It's a celebration, and no matter who you are, you'll find something to love in this tune-filled, big-hearted fantasy.
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