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  1. Explained: King Magnifico's Villainous Plans For Star And Rosas
  2. The Real Reason Queen Amaya Finally Decided To Oppose Magnifico
  3. How Asha's Dream Of A Star Was Unlike Anyone Else's
  4. Why Rosas’ Population Lost Their Memories After Making A Wish
  5. The Real Meaning Of King Magnifico’s Evil Turn
  6. How King Magnifico’s Ending Sets Up Wish 2
  7. Wish's Post-Credits Scene & Disney Surprises Explained

Wish Ending & Post-Credits Scene: Exploring Surprises For Disney Fans With A Detailed Explanation

"Wish," Disney's latest animated film and a celebration of the studio's centennial, pays homage to its rich history through its ending and hidden references. Set on the Mediterranean island of Rosas, Asha eagerly interviews for an apprenticeship under King Magnifico, only to discover he has no interest in fulfilling his wishes. With the help of her friends and a wishing star, Asha rebels against Magnifico's oppressive rule.
Angered by the people's defiance and the questioning of the wishing ceremony, Magnifico turns to a corrupt magic book to control his citizens and combat Asha. Magnifico sees anyone opposing him as a threat to Rosas. Asha, along with Queen Amaya and loyal friends (excluding the betrayer Simon), devises a plan to free their wishes from Magnifico's clutches. However, Magnifico, consumed by dark magic, thwarts their efforts and imprisons Star within his staff.
Realizing the power within everyone, Asha uplifts spirits through song, enabling them to break free from Magnifico's magic. Together, they stop him as he's absorbed into his staff. Star, before departing, bestows Asha with a magic wand, and she assumes the role of a fairy godmother, granting wishes to bring positivity to Rosas.

#1. Explained: King Magnifico's Villainous Plans For Star And Rosas

Wish Source: Disney
Over time, King Magnifico succumbed to corruption, with Asha's tries to return wishes pushing him over the edge. Despite initially creating Rosas as a safe haven and promising to grant wishes, Magnifico's hunger for power and magic grew. Fearing loss, he plotted to siphon Star's wish-granting abilities from Asha, going to great lengths to retain the stolen wishes and turning against his people.
His self-obsession and resentment towards Asha's growing influence drove him to prioritize maintaining control over Rosas, regardless of the harm inflicted on its people. Indifferent to the well-being of Rosas' citizens, Magnifico pursued the next step in amassing the magic he hoarded, stealing Star's power to enhance his own.
Believing this would prevent any challenges to his authority, he went to great lengths, including betraying his own people, to achieve his goals. King Magnifico's actions were driven solely by selfishness and greed, placing his own desires above the welfare of Rosas and its inhabitants.

#2. The Real Reason Queen Amaya Finally Decided To Oppose Magnifico

The Real Reason Queen Amaya Finally Turned Against Magnifico Source: Disney
Queen Amaya supported her husband, Magnifico, throughout most of "Wish," believing in his commitment to the well-being of Rosas. Despite indications in the lyrics of "Knowing What I Know Now" that she overlooked his hunger for power, Amaya was unwilling to acknowledge Magnifico's darker side.
Witnessing his anger over challenges to his rule and his pursuit of Asha changed her perspective. Amaya could no longer ignore Magnifico's harmful actions and his intention to use dark magic for personal gain. This compelled her to oppose him, recognizing that he had deviated from the person she once loved and the shared path they had walked.
Seeing Magnifico abandon his commitment to helping Rosas, Amaya couldn't silently witness the destruction of the kingdom they had built together. Understanding that reasoning with Magnifico was futile, she aligned herself with Asha, as the illusion of a benevolent husband had been shattered.

#3. How Asha's Dream Of A Star Was Unlike Anyone Else's

How Asha’s Wish Upon A Star Differed From Everyone Else’s Source: Disney

At the age of 18, Asha was eligible to take part in the wishing ceremony. However, upon discovering Magnifico's true intentions, she was unwilling to give him her wish, especially since she knew she would forget it.

Instead, Asha chose to wish upon a star. Unbeknownst to her, Star appeared in an unexpected attempt to help fulfill her wish. What set Asha's wish apart was its selfless nature.

Unlike others, her desire stemmed from a genuine concern for the people of Rosas and came straight from the heart. Opting to look towards the sky rather than relying on King Magnifico to fulfill her wish caught Star's attention in the first place.


#4. Why Rosas’ Population Lost Their Memories After Making A Wish

Why Rosas’ Population Lost Their Memories After Making A Wish Source: Disney
In Rosas, whenever someone made a wish, they would inevitably forget it, creating a void in their hearts. King Magnifico exploited this by collecting and locking away the wishes. It's conceivable that Magnifico, given his control over Rosas, employed his magic to permanently erase the wishes from the minds of the wish-makers.
This strategic move aimed to prevent challenges to Magnifico's rule or demands for wish returns. By wiping people's memories of their wishes, Magnifico secured power over them, ensuring they unquestioningly knew their place, thanks to the magic he wielded.

#5. The Real Meaning Of King Magnifico’s Evil Turn

The Real Meaning Of King Magnifico’s Evil Turn Source: Disney
King Magnifico dedicated his life to avoiding the tragedy that befell his own village in Rosas. However, in his pursuit, he inadvertently rendered the people compliant, manipulating them under the pretense of ensuring their safety.
This approach eventually sparked a rebellion, as a population controlled and kept in the dark couldn't remain passive indefinitely. Despite his initial good intentions, Magnifico had ironically transformed into what he despised the most. By restricting the freedom of Rosas' people to retain their wishes and suppressing dissent against his rule, Magnifico unwittingly laid the groundwork for a revolution.
Despite his earnest efforts to prevent it, this time he became the villain from whom everyone sought protection. His actions contradicted his original ideals, illustrating that unchecked power could corrupt even the most well-intentioned individuals.

#6. How King Magnifico’s Ending Sets Up Wish 2

How King Magnifico’s Ending Sets Up Wish 2 Source: Disney
In the final moments of "Wish," King Magnifico dives into corrupt magic, sealing his fate with no chance of redemption or reputation recovery. Despite being confined within his own magic staff and seemingly free from its influence, Queen Amaya sentenced him to the dungeons. However, the story of King Magnifico might not be entirely concluded.
Although the staff is broken, there's a possibility that Magnifico could tap into untapped power remaining inside it, enabling him to escape and seek revenge against Asha. While facing Asha, now armed with a magic wand, and the people of Rosas, Magnifico might attempt a return if there's any hope of regaining his lost power.
While a sequel for "Wish" is not currently planned, and Disney animations typically have fewer sequels, the potential for Magnifico's return remains open should the opportunity arise.

#7. Wish's Post-Credits Scene & Disney Surprises Explained

Wish's Post-Credits Scene & Disney Surprises Explained Source: Disney
The post-credits scene in "Wish" pays homage to Disney's rich legacy, featuring Asha's grandfather, Sabino, portrayed by Victor Garber. In this scene, Sabino, holding a guitar, gazes at the night sky and begins playing the familiar tune of "When You Wish Upon A Star."
Originally composed for Pinocchio in 1940, the song has since become one of Disney's most iconic. Unlike typical post-credits scenes that set up sequels, "Wish" uses this moment to celebrate Disney's past. Sabino serves as a representation of Walt Disney Studios, aligning with the film's original concept centered around "When You Wish Upon A Star."
The scene beautifully brings the movie full circle, with the same notes that play over the Disney intro concluding the credits. It's a poignant nod to Disney's enduring legacy and the timeless magic encapsulated in their signature theme song.
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