Will Cristiano Ronaldo Play Today? Why Was He Benched For Match Against Switzerland?

Will Cristiano Ronaldo Play today? Qatar's LUSAIL — For Portugal's encounter against Switzerland on Tuesday in the World Cup's round of 16, Cristiano Ronaldo was left off the starting lineup.
The action was taken the day after his coach expressed his displeasure with the conduct of his team captain during the previous game. At Lusail Stadium, Gonçalo Ramos, a player for the Portuguese team Benfica, began in place of Cristiano Ronaldo.

#1. Will Cristiano Ronaldo Play Today? Ronaldo Benched for Portugal's Round of 16 Match Despite Goals in Five World Cups

At Lusail Stadium, Ronaldo entered the field during warm-ups amid thunderous applause. He participated in light drills while paired with the replacements. Fullback Joo Cancelo, who started each of the three games during the group stage, was also left from the starting lineup.
Ronaldo was benched after he made it clear that he was upset at being taken out of Friday's match against South Korea.
The 37-year-old striker became the first person to score in five different World Cups when he beat Ghana in the tournament's first match. However, he struggled in Portugal's final two group-stage matches and was replaced midway through a 2-1 loss to South Korea.

#2. Fernando Santos Admits Ronaldo's Poor Attitude in World Cup Match

Portugal coach Fernando Santos stayed mute for over three days regarding Ronaldo's body language, which showed the superstar was upset at being substituted from the game.
Finally, Santos acknowledged in his Monday press conference that Ronaldo's demeanor during the match against South Korea was the one distraction—among many others—that had finally gone too far.
Before Portugal's opening World Cup game, Ronaldo severed connections with Manchester United and is apparently being courted by a Saudi Arabian squad with the prospect of a huge salary, while a survey in his own Portugal revealed that supporters there wanted the superstar out of the starting lineup. "I did not enjoy it at all. Santos expressed his displeasure with Ronaldo's sour disposition after being benched against South Korea on Monday. "That was internally fixed; that is all."

#3. Ronaldo Pleads for Unity as Portugal Fans Tire of Star Player

Will Cristiano Ronaldo Play Today? Why Was He Benched For Match Against Switzerland?Source: AP

Rben Dias, a defender for Portugal, asked with the Portuguese media to "promote togetherness" within the team rather than divisiveness. The Portuguese newspaper O Bola conducted a poll that revealed domestic supporters were sick of Ronaldo and would rather him not play against Switzerland.
Ronaldo's recent decline as an aging superstar is not unusual reason for him to play less. Through the first part of the season, he hardly appeared for United in the Premier League, and Santos left him out of the Portugal starting eleven for a Nations League match against Spain in March.

#4. Ronaldo's World Cup Struggles: Can He Break Through?

Will Cristiano Ronaldo Play Today? Why Was He Benched For Match Against Switzerland?Source: Getty Images

In four of his five appearances, Portugal has gone to the round of 16, but Ronaldo has never been in a World Cup final. Ronaldo's best World Cup performance came in 2006 when Portugal fell to France in the semifinals.
Despite scoring in five different competitions, in 20 World Cup games he has only scored eight goals overall. Ronaldo has a record-high 118 goals in men's international competition, but he has never scored in the World Cup's knockout round.
Ronaldo's longtime adversary Lionel Messi has scored three goals in this World Cup to help Argentina advance to the semifinals. Like Ronaldo, Messi has nine goals in nine World Cup appearances but has never taken home the trophy. For updated news about this, visit our website.
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