20 Pictures That Make Us Scream "Why Would They Do That?!"

What often do you do in your free time? Watching TV? Listening to music? Cooking? Hanging out with your friends? Or just lay in your cozy bed? After hours of working, you might need something that can refill your energy level. Although each person has a different way to refresh themselves, most of us tend to choose something funny that can crack us up. If you are looking for amusing stuff, you are in the right place. In this article, we will share with you some funny and confusing pictures that had us bursting out laughing, and they will make you laugh too.
Below, we have compiled a list of pictures that can make us scream, "Why would they do that?!" Scroll down to check them out for yourselves. We hope that these pictures can 'better' your day a little bit. Don't forget to vote for the pictures you like. And share them with your friends and family to give them a good laugh.

#1. Sir, why

Source: sarahwitha_h__

#2. The soap dispenser at work is always empty. Someone wrote on it, “fill me, you cheapskates”. We now no longer have a soap dispenser

Source: MangoBandicoot

#3. I will pass on the lunch meat.. thanks anyway

Source: alien_eye

#4. Wife came across this at a thrift shop

Source: CBumeter

#5. Tufted style bench but made of concrete in Buenos Aires

Source: razor_2016

#6. These jean pants are upside-down

Source: target_aquired

#7. Lady put her whole foot in my mom’s seat lmao. (Yes my mom definitely said something to her after this pic)

Source: seqoyah

#8. It's fine, I didn't want to watch anyway

Source: MarthaFarcuss

#9. Beautiful and calm evening in Tbilisi

Source: GoldenChinchilla

#10. The Chork. A bad fork and terrible chopsticks

Source: Bogmanbob

#11. Whoever invented these teeny tiny tabs on seals, you are not my friend.

Source: MagdnTagga

#12. Parking in Tbilisi, Georgia

Source: ilushkin

#13. Bike handlebar door knob on Amsterdam apartment building

Source: daniNindia

#14. Thanks Southwest Airlines baggage handlers in Las Vegas!

Source: dirt-merchant-

#15. The way my wife "replaces" the toilet paper

Source: cmsurfer8900

#16. I have to look at this everytime I go shopping


#17. My boyfriend's snow pants have a tape measure printed on them and say "Love what you ride"

Source: hghlvldvl

#18. The way my brother decided to have a bite of pie

Source: clamhole666

#19. No matter how much I wash my car, I can’t have a clean car bc neighbor’s cat walks on it with muddy paws. (Biased bc cats should be indoors imo.)

Source: peanut-head21

#20. Dear god why?

Source: tiledlard

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