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  1. Did Xandra And Jack Break Up? Why Was Their Relationship Ruined?
  2. About Xandra's Ex-Boyfriend - Jack Touzet

Why Did Xandra And Jack Break Up? Meet Xandra's Ex-Boyfriend - Jack Touzet

Recently, Xandra said she split up with Jack Touzet. The announcement came as a surprise, considering their long and relationship all over social media. Xandra, known for her tough character, shared her single status on TikTok. So why did Xandra and Jack break up? The truth is ahead!


Did Xandra And Jack Break Up? Why Was Their Relationship Ruined?

Xandra announced on her official TikTok channel a few hours ago that she is single, and she did not reveal the reason. As everyone knows, Zack and Xandra's love affair lasted quite a long time, and they often appeared together in many fun clips posted on social networks, openly expressing their feelings for each other.

In the 1:37-long clip, Xandra affirmed her single status and then spoke optimistically, encouraging herself and reassuring the audience. She also extended support to girls currently experiencing the same situation.

Xandra is indeed very strong, and many fans have shared their sympathy with this social media star. She affirmed that she will quickly overcome it and embrace a new life with optimism ahead. 

Some rumors have surfaced in public opinion and are being fervently discussed on Reddit. Some people believe that the main reason is because Jack is still in college while Xandra is not. There are also opinions suggesting that the breakup is due to the difference in family status between the social media star and the son of a million-dollar family.

However, regardless of the reason for the breakup, it now appears that Xandra is returning to a happier state and will soon overcome this sadness. Now, let's learn a little more about Jack.


About Xandra's Ex-Boyfriend - Jack Touzet

Family's Background

Jack's from one of Miami's richest families. His dad, Rudy Touzet, started Banyan Street Capital in 2007, using years of experience in finance and real estate. His mom, Lydia Touzet, is a Middleborough native and a proud, devoted mom, adding to their close family vibe in Miami.

Education & Career

Jack went to the University of Miami, stepping into the real estate business just like his dad. He worked at Banyan Street Capital as a Marketing Assistant, getting real-world experience in the field.

Net Worth

Being part of the Touzet family, Jack is linked to a substantial real estate fortune, with the family business valued at over $3.5 billion.

Relationship With Xandra

Why Did Xandra And Jack Break Up?Source: TikTok/@xandrapohl

Jack and Xandra's relationship was popular on social media. Jack and Xandra, both at the University of Miami, share a strong, supportive bond. Xandra posts pics with Jack on Instagram, capturing their happy moments. Jack's a strong supporter of her career and was there at her graduation. He likes his privacy but still shows up in her TikTok videos, proving their close connection.

Education & Personal Interests

At the University of Miami, Jack is focusing on business studies, showing a clear interest in continuing the family legacy in real estate.

Sibling Dynamics

Jack's brother, Rudy Touzet, a Miami musician, adds to their family's variety. Rudy's songs like ‘Take It As A Win’ and ‘Say Less’ show their family's diverse talents.
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