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  1. #1. Is Rowdy On Yellowstone Dead?
  2. #2. Why Did Rowdy On Yellowstone Die?

Why Did Rowdy On Yellowstone Die? Explained

Why did Rowdy on Yellowstone die? Here we go! The Dutton family of Montana is the focus of 'Yellowstone,' a Western drama series airing on the Paramount Network. The story also focuses on the ranch hands that work for the Duttons in Yellowstone.
We learn about the connections between the lives of several characters, including Rip Wheeler and Rowdy, by looking at their pasts in retrospect. However, in the seventh episode of season 5, the tension between the two reaches a boiling point. Here's the scoop on whether or not Rowdy died and why Young Rip killed him in 'Yellowstone.' Here come the spoilers!

#1. Is Rowdy On Yellowstone Dead?

Did Rowdy On Yellowstone Die Source: HBO
The pilot episode of Season 5 of 'Yellowstone,' titled "One Hundred Years is Nothing," features Rowdy's debut appearance. In the reminiscence scenes, he appears as a ranch hand at the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. Kai Caster takes on the role of Rowdy in this production. In addition to her roles in 'The Baxters and 'American Horror Story,' Caster is also well-known for her roles in 'House of Lies' and 'American Crime Story.' Rowdy makes a cameo appearance in the pilot episode, alongside Young Rip, in a flashback scene.


Rowdy and Young Rip get along like brothers at first, but their friendship changes as Beth hooks up with him to make Rip jealous. Later, Rowdy and Young Rip go on an adventure with Young John Dutton to keep the wolves away from the livestock. A flashback scene from Episode 7, "The Dream Is Not Me," shows Rowdy and Young Rip setting up a wolf trap.
It all started when Rowdy made derogatory remarks about Beth in a conversation, which made Rip very upset. The consequence is an altercation between the teenager and Rowdy, who is considerably older. Rip, though, can outmuscle Rowdt and knock him out with a single blow. Unfortunately, Rowdy resorts to a knife attack on Rip. The second man manages to avoid a blow from Rowdy and stabs him with the dagger. Therefore, Rowdy suffers a fatal injury and passes away before Rip can notify John Dutton.

#2. Why Did Rowdy On Yellowstone Die?

Did Rowdy On Yellowstone Die
The young Rip's bond with Beth is the focus of flashbacks in the fifth season. In the premiere, Beth wants to go on one last date with Rip before she leaves for college, so she invites him out. Unfortunately, Rip's nervousness ruins the date. Consequently, Beth becomes enraged with Rip and begins kissing Rowdy to inspire jealousy in Rip. Rowdy discusses hooking up with Beth while looking for wolves in the fields afterward.
Not only that, but Rowdy belittles Rip for failing to make Beth happy. Despite their on-and-off romance, Rip and Beth have always loved each other. As a result, Rip becomes infuriated when Rowdy makes lewd comments about Beth in his presence. When Rip confronts Rowdy, the situation escalates rapidly. When Rowdy gets hurt, Rip immediately goes to find John. Rowdy suggests that Rip exaggerates his wounds. Rowdy proposes that Rip explain what happened by saying that he fell off his horse.


On the other hand, Rip resolves to be honest with John. Rip's actions may sadden John, but he values the young man's commitment. John and Young Lloyd then assist Rip in hiding the body and covering up the murder. However, John conditions his help by demanding that Rip pledge his undying allegiance to the Dutton family and the Yellowstone Ranch.
At the end of the story, Rip murders Rowdy for criticizing Beth. To protect the dignity of the woman he cares for. Rip, however, does not plan on murdering Rowdy. Rip and Rowdy's battle becomes uncontrollable. Rowdy eventually passes away as a result of his wounds. Therefore, the awful end Rowdy met was one he brought upon himself. Rip's unwavering dedication to the Dutton family is inextricably linked to the events surrounding Rowdy's death and the subsequent coverup.
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