Why Did Amin Joseph Leave Snowfall? Snowfall Season 6 Episode 6 Update

Why did Amin Joseph leave Snowfall? Here's every thing that happened in Snowfall Season 6 Episode 6.
On March 22nd, the sixth episode of Snowfall Season 6 officially aired with the title "Concrete Jungle". Thanks to the trailer, we get to know that Jerome Saint (Amin Joseph) is having a change of mind in this episode. He wants to leave the shady business world behind, which leads to an argument between him and Louie (Angela Lewis). Would Jerome be able to safely escape as he wishes though?

#1. Why Did Amin Joseph Leave Snowfall?


why did amin joseph leave snowfallSource: FX

Unfortunately, we might not be able to see Amin Joseph in the remaining episodes of Snowfall, as Jerome is now dead.
In Snowfall Season 6 Episode 6, Jerome falls into mental breakdown. He feels like the whole drug smuggling business is driving him insane.
It's obvious why he gets so fed up with it. From the beginning, he only started doing this due to the fear of losing Louie. Therefore, Jerome withdrawing from this drug game has always been just a matter of time.

why did amin joseph leave snowfallSource: FX

It gets to the point where Jerome bursts out in front of Louie. He desperately states that he wants to leave for Jamaica and never returns. He belatedly realizes that no amount of money is worth being stuck up in chaos, violence and fear. Moreover, this business also led to the conflict between the couple and their nephew, Franklin (Damson Idris), and he wants none of that.
But to no surprise, Louie can't understand Jerome's feelings. Louie doesn't take what Jerome says seriously. And she also makes it clear that she is not ready to leave everything that they have worked so hard for behind. In the end, they couldn't come to an agreement.



why did amin joseph leave snowfallSource: FX

In the next morning, Louie decides to explain how she feels to Jerome. Louie admits that their current conflict with Franklin is her fault and apologizes. She knows that she shouldn't have made a deal with Teddy (Carter Hudson) behind Franklin's back, but she also didn't know that things would go this far. She also expresses her fear that Teddy might not leave her alone if they try to leave this place too soon.
After a long conversation, the couple decide to give each other time to clear their head and relax for a while. Jerome goes to meet Skully (De'Aundre Bonds), while Louie goes to ride her horse.
However, Kane's men notice Louie at the riding grounds, and things quickly spiral out of control. In the end, Kane's men manage to kidnap Louie and takes her to his place. Kane contacts Franklin in an attempt to let the family members kill each other.

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Franklin informs Jerome of Louie's situation, and he becomes extremely enraged. He quickly arrives at the scene. Along with Franklin, Leon (Isaiah John), and Skully, Jerome gets into the warehouse where Louise is being held captive.
Kane looks at Jerome, threatening him to leave, but of course Jerome wouldn't listen to him. The two men fire gunshots while Louie tries her best to hide. But a happy ending doesn't happen this time. Jerome and Kane end up killing each other. This causes Louie to absolutely break down. Bursting out laughing and crying, she blames Franklin for Jerome's death. It seems like the pain and guilt would haunt Louie forever.

#2. Will Amin Joseph Come Back To Snowfall?

why did amin joseph leave snowfallSource: FX

At the moment, the answer for this question still remains uncertain. There's nothing that we could be sure of. However, considering that Louie and Franklin, two characters that are heavily related to Jerome, are still alive, we might be able to see him again in the future through flashback scenes.


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