Why Dean Died In Winchesters Season 1? Ending Explained

Have you finished Winchesters Season 1 Finale “Hey, That’s No Way to Say Goodbye”? Are you looking for the reasons why Dean died in Winchesters Season 1?
In this episode, Mary and her team summoned the mysterious stranger Dean using his journal. However, only his car, Baby, appeared because he was already dead. Mary used the Impala to drive the Akrida Queen through a portal with Dean behind the wheel. Dean identified himself as a hunter and explained that he took Baby for a drive in search of an Earth where his family could have a happy ending. He caught wind of the Akrida and prevented them from reaching his brother's Earth. Jack warned Dean not to interfere with Sam's life. Dean gave John and Mary his journal and warned Mary about a yellow-eyed demon before giving her the Colt. The Akrida were gone, so John and Mary left town together to choose their own destiny. Dean believed his parents have a chance at happiness.
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#1. Why Dean Died In Winchesters Season 1? Ending Explained

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Dean Winchester, a Hunter who died in his world, embarked on a journey through different dimensions to find a world where his family could have a happy ending. He played a critical role in defeating the Akrida Queen which was a final attempt by Chuck to destroy humanity. To give John and Mary a shot at a happy life and prevent Sam from the danger posed by the Akrida Queen, Dean put his celestial standing at stake. Despite the risk, Jack granted him clemency, permitting him to stay.
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Why Dean Died In Winchesters Season 1Source: TV Fanatic


John inquired about John and Mary's survival and Dean attributed it to the car that shielded them from harm. Dean died and made it to heaven, but he didn't stay there for long. Baby was waiting for him, and he took a drive through the multiverse. When he finally returned to his own earth, he found himself trapped between two worlds. Luckily, the car kept him safe, and he was able to tell John and the others what had happened. As a hunter from a long line of hunters, Dean was searching for a happy ending for his family - even if it meant risking his own life.
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