Wholesome Images Of Exceptional Urban Planning

Dealing with issues like traffic, pollution, and crowds are all part of city life. Despite the abundance of employment prospects and luxurious amenities, some overly ambitious towns have recently turned into "Urban Hell."
Nonetheless, some city planners are genuinely working to make sure that metropolitan areas continue to be somewhat human- and nature-friendly as people become more and more aware of these contemporary challenges. We've gathered several "Urban planning" designs that are excellent nowadays that merit praise. See the gallery below to see the greatest examples.

#1. Concrete Sewer Pipes Used As Outdoor Seating

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#2. Apartment Building With A Park At Its Center, Berlin

Source: archineering

#3. Holland, 1982-2020

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#4. Urban Space Is Complex. But The Math Is Relatively Simple

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#5. This Does Put A Smile On My Face

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#6. Bin For Cyclists In Denmark

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#7. These Public Benches Are Reversible, So You Can Choose To Look At People, Or Boats

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#8. Heated Sidewalks

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#9. My City, Delhi Is Redesigning Its S**tty Car Centric Good For Nothing Roads, Here’s Half Of A Wide A** Road Reclaimed

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#10. Edinburgh, Scotland

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#11. Vienna Gasometers, Gas Storage Tanks First Built In 1896 And Converted Into Mixed-Use Developments Between 1995 And 2001

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#12. “Gion Quarter” Kyoto, Japan

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#13. The Speed Camera Lottery In Stockholm, Sweden

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#14. Luminous Pedestrian Crossing In France, When A Person Is Detected The Lights Turn On To Warn The Drivers

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#15. It’s Never Too Late To Acknowledge The Reality That Urban Highways Are A Fixable Mistake

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#16. I Dont Know Why, But I Just Love When City Elements Wrap Around Nature Like This. [oc] Photo Taken In Stockholm, Sweden

Source: Herrkarlson

#17. Comfort Town, An Old Industrial Site In Kyiv Built In Response To Brutalist Soviet Era Apartments Buildings

Source: IngFavalli

#18. World’s Tallest Indoor Waterfall

Source: labitx

#19. Roundabout With Some Nature In The Middle, France

Source: Kemro59

#20. Green Houses In Berlin

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