Ginny & Georgia: Who Will Ginny End Up With?

The highly-anticipated second season of Ginny & Georgia has finally arrived and it's got a lot of unanswered questions to clear up. One of those is who does Ginny end up with? A lot happened during that season one Ginny & Georgia ending: Ginny (Antonia Gentry) ran away, we discovered Georgia (Brianne Howey) is a serial killer So much goes on in a single episode of Ginny & Georgia that sometimes it's hard to keep track of the good stuff, the important stuff, like Ginny’s romantic relationships. Here is what we know about Ginny's relationship.

1. Do Ginny and Marcus get back together?

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Another couple that saw the end was Ginny and Marcus Baker (Felix Mallard). They split at the end of episode 8 and despite the signs of a reunion on the cards during the final episode, we didn’t seem to get a confirmation. After Max opened Ginny’s eyes to the fact that Marcus’s mental health is seriously on the decline, something we as viewers have been able to witness through his inner monologues and general actions, it took a while for Ginny to realize that his depression was the reason he broke up with her. So even though Ginny comforts Marcus at the Baker house and they acknowledge they still love each other, there’s no definitive answer to whether they’re on again. The only sign we get that they may get back together is at Georgia’s wedding when Marcus says he only turned up because he likes to see Ginny happy.
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The only glimmer of romantic happiness we see is from Marcus’ twin Maxine (Sara Waisglass). Max had been suffering a serious case of the breakup blues the whole season and when it seemed that she was finally going to move on with Silver, Max’s ex Sophie (Humberly González) wanted to grab a coffee. When Sophie confesses that she still wanted to be friends with Max, very much toying with Max’s feelings, Max drew a line and said she couldn’t do it and decided to see where things went with Silver. This very much seemed to be the only happy case for romance as with Joe and Cynthia being done, Georgia on her way to prison and Marcus and Ginny being in one of their low periods, there’s very few hopes for love with Wellsbury residents by the end of season 2. 

2. Do Ginny and Hunter get back together?

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Surprisingly, by the end of season two, Ginny is neither romantically involved with Marcus nor Hunter, or anyone else for that matter. If we were to place our bets on who she reunites with, we would probably put it on the Ginny & Georgia team writing in a brand new love interest or choosing Ginny to end up with Marcus. 
Marcus and Ginny have a moment in the final episode of the season where they talk about how Ginny failed to notice Marcus was struggling and Ginny ends up comforting Marcus. So while they seem to be very much in a friendship stage, the fact that Marcus notes that he just likes to see Ginny happy means there’s hope for Ginny and Marcus yet! Paul and Georgia’s relationship isn’t the only relationship that doesn’t end with a happy moment in the final episode. Most couples during season 2 don’t make it.

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Joe (Raymond Ablack) and Cynthia (Sabrina Grdevich) had a little thing going there for a moment during season two and while it was something we never saw coming. Their affair seemed to be a much-needed thing for both of them. Joe to get over his long-lasting crush on Georgia (it didn’t end up working) and Cynthia to gain some escapism from her sick husband who was dying at home. The affair came to a conclusion as quickly as it started but with Cynthia’s husband now gone and Georgia potentially on her way to prison, maybe both of these characters will get back together. However, the writers seem to be still teasing us about the potential for Georgia and Joe. As Georgia reveals in episode nine, she remembered Joe all along but refuses to confirm or deny whether Joe is imagining the romantic feelings lingering between them. is a website that provides you with sport updates and Entertainment news to brighten your day. Don’t hesitate to visit our site to know more about entertainment news.
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