All American Homecoming: Who Plays Lando? Meet Martin Bobb-Semple On Exploring Lando On ‘all American: Homecoming

Following ‘All American Homecoming’, you might wonder who plays Lando in All American Homecoming. He is a British actor known for his recurring television appearances. He is best recognized for having starred as Thomas James Ross on the 2019 CW series Pandora as well as Alex on the Netflix show Free Rein. In 2022, he played Orlando 'Lando' Johnson in the TV series All American: Homecoming.

#1. Who Plays Lando On All American Homecoming?

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Lando is a character in the American sports drama television series, On All American Homecoming. Various people have played various characters before. So people might be confused about who is actually playing the Lando character On All American Homecoming. So here you go! Well, Martin Bobb-Semple plays the role of Lando On All American Homecoming.

#2. Who is Martin Bobb-Semple?

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Martin Bobb-Semple is a well-known British actor, Tv celebrity, and social media influencer. He has accumulated global recognition because of his splendid performance in various movies as well as Tv shows like All American: Homecoming (2022), One Of Us Is Lying (2021), Pandora (2019), So Awkward (2016), and Dixi (2014). He is also a famous social media influencer and regularly shares his daily life content on.
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#3. Martin Bobb-Semple hometown

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Martin was born and grew up in London, England in a wealthy family. He graduated from a local high school and completed his bachelor’s degree from a recognized university. Being fond of acting from a young age, he started his acting journey at the age of 9 and acted in various theater plays and musicals including Oliver! and others.

#4. Martin Bobb-Semple as Lando in All American Homecoming

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Martin is famous for his remarkable performance as Orlando Johnson aka Lando in the 2022s drama-sport series “All American: Homecoming” created by Nkechi Okoro. The series followed the story of a young tennis player from Beverly Hills and a popular basketball player from Chicago. The critics applauded Martin’s performance in the series and he also received nominations for various awards.
The actor played Evan in the former Peacock mystery series and plays college baseball player Orlando “Lando” Johnson in The CW sports series. On the latter, he is in a front-burner storyline that has resulted in a love triangle of sorts between Lando, Simone Hicks, played by Geffri Maya, and Damon Sims, played by Peyton Alex Smith.
While he had minor appearances in the tail end of the first season, Bobb-Semple has a much more expanded role in season 2 as his character transfers to Bringston University. For Bobb-Semple, it was a transition that became fun.

Who Plays Lando In All American HomecomingSource: Distractify

In a recent interview with Shadow and Act, the actor told us, “I think even just for me as an actor coming into this kind of well-built machine that they already had….it was a little nerve-wracking [laughs]. I’d met Geffri briefly in the past and we had a couple of mutual friends, but I didn’t work with her at all really in the first season. It was mostly me and Peyton working together. And of course, coming in [as Lando], it was very much like [I was] coming in as this [character] who kind of just hates everyone and hates everything. He’s the bad guy. But it was fun, and me and Peyton, we both approach work very similarly and became fast friends.”
Lando has had an interesting trajectory, from being sort of being like an antagonist for one of the major players in the series, to becoming adored by the fans and someone to root for– especially when it comes to the Lando and Simone relationship.
“After meeting in the auditorium that day, I think Lando saw something in her…that he was intrigued by,” said Bobb-Semple of the characters’ dynamic. “He didn’t know who this girl was, and I think he just found the whole debate thing fun. It was genuinely fun for him, whereas for her, it was like, ‘Why are you trying to undermine me? Why are you trying to be like that?’ But he was like, ‘That was fun, you are a cool girl and I like your vibe.’ But she was like, ‘No, I don’t like you.’ Then, especially when Damon was like, ‘I don’t like this guy,’ she agreed.” is a website that provides you with sport updates and entertainment news to brighten your day. Don’t hesitate to visit our site to know more about entertainment news.
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