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  1. #1. Who Is Van Meter On Chicago Fire? Comprehensive News

Who Is Van Meter On Chicago Fire? Comprehensive News

Who is Van Meter on Chicago Fire? Because Taylor Kinney is getting ready to leave Chicago Fire, the show has been teasing fans with potential exit scenarios for Lieutenant Kelly Severide. Kinney said about a month ago that he would take some time off from the program to deal with personal issues.
The most recent episode, which was aired on February 22nd and was titled "Run Like Hell," concludes with Kelly heading into Molly's Pub, where his wife, Lieutenant Stella Kidd (played by Miranda Rae Mayo), is employed.

#1. Who Is Van Meter On Chicago Fire? Comprehensive News

Who Is Van Meter On Chicago Fire Source: Chicago Fire
After seeing him at the bar, she approached him with the following question: "I got your message regarding Van Meter; what's going on?" In this specific instance, we are speaking about Captain Van Meter, who Tom Hopper portrays, and he is the chief of the Office of Fire Investigation for the Chicago Fire Department.
Van Meter has been asserting for several years now that his persistent pleading with Kelly to be a part of his group is a precursor to the possibility that Kelly could leave the program. Kelly does not utter a single word to Stella as he shows her his phone while they are in contact. Even if the audience cannot see what is revealed to her, they can hear her exclaim, "Wow, what are you going to do?" in response to the information.
Kinney has played the role of Kelly on Chicago Fire ever since the first season of the show aired in 2012. Cameo appearances of his character have been included in the episodes of the spinoffs Chicago Med and Chicago PD.


Who Is Van Meter On Chicago Fire Who Is Van Meter On Chicago Fire?
Following in the footsteps of longstanding cast member Jesse Spencer, the star will be leaving the show soon. In 2021, the actor who portrayed Captain Matthew Casey on the show decided to quit after working there for more than a decade. The conclusion of the play was reached when Matthew uprooted his life and relocated to Oregon, apart from the other cast members.
Spencer expressed to Deadline and other media sites that he believed his departure from the program was handled in a "really organic" way, despite it being "sad" for him to leave the show. During ten years, he declared, "That's a wrap." "It would make sense for him to move on after three years, but is he planning to do so? The fact is that we have no idea what's going on.
This moment has been a long time coming, especially considering that these buddies have been through thick and thin together." In 2022, Spencer made a brief appearance in a few episodes as the best man at a fake wedding of Kelly.
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