Who is Tyre Nichols? Detailed Death Cause and Video Leak

Tyre Nichols, the man who died this month after an alleged beating by five police officers, was "damn near perfect," his mother RowVaughn Wells said at a press conference on Monday. The “heinous,” and “appalling,” death of Tyre Nichols in Memphis has caused shockwaves across the nation and sparked calls for widespread protests against police brutality.

#1. Who is Tyre Nichols?

 Who is Tyre NicholsSource: USA today

The 29-year-old Nichols had been living in Memphis, Tennessee, with his parents since the pandemic, according to his mother. Although he lived in Memphis at the time of his death, Nichols had previously lived in California.

Tyre Nichols was the youngest of four children — and so devoted to his mother that he had a tattoo with her name on his arm. “That made me proud. Most kids don’t put their mom’s name,’’ his mother told CNN.

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She recalled how her beloved boy — who left behind a 4-year-old son — would loudly announce his presence when he walked through the door of the home where he lived with her and her husband, Nichols’ stepfather, who he considered his dad.

“Hello, parents!” Nichols would say.“And I’ll never hear that again,” the shattered mom said. She lovingly called her son “a mamma’s boy,’’ indicating it was no surprise that in his darkest hour — as the life was being beaten out of him — he cried out for her. “He was trying to get home to safety,’’ Wells said. “He was a good boy,’’ she said. “No one’s perfect, but he was damn near.’’

#2. A Nature Lover and Photographer

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Nichols reveled in spending time taking photos of nature.

“My name is Tyre D. Nichols. I am an aspiring photographer. Well I most do this stuff for fun but I enjoy it very much,’’ he wrote in an online posting. “It expresses me in ways I cannot write down for people,’’ Nichols said. “My vision is to bring my viewers deep into what i am seeing. … I hope to one day let people see what i see and to hopefully admire my work based on the quality and ideals of my work,” he added, signing off with “Your friend.’’

On the day of his ultimately fatal encounterNichols was coming from Shelby Farms, a local park where he liked to go and take pictures of the sunset. His grieving mother said, “My son every night wanted to go and look at the sunset, that was his passion.”

#3. Tyre Nichols health issue

Tyre Nichols health issueSource: ABC News

Before his death, Nichols also struggled with Crohn’s disease, his family said. He weighed about 150 pounds at the time of his death, his mother said Friday — as she noted the size of the officers accused of killing him.

“Those men, if you combine their weight, it was over a thousand pounds, beating and beating a 150-pound person to death. Because that’s what they did, beat my son to death,’’ Wells said.

#4. Tyre Nichols cause of death and detailed death scene 

Tyre Nichols cause of deathSource: BBC

Officers pulled over Nichols that Friday due to "reckless driving," according to Memphis police reports, and attempted to flee from the officers before being eventually arrested. He was hospitalized in critical condition after complaining of shortness of breath during the arrest. Three days later -- Jan. 10 -- Nichols died.

According to a preliminary independent autopsy commissioned by the family, Nichols suffered "extensive bleeding caused by a severe beating." Five cops have been charged with murder for allegedly beating Nichols to death.

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#5. Timeline of the investigations into Tyre Nichols’ death

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On January 7 at approximately 8:30 p.m., officers pulled over a vehicle for suspected reckless driving, according to a statement from Memphis police.

“A confrontation occurred” between officers and the vehicle’s driver – later identified as Nichols – who then fled on foot, according to Memphis police. Officers apprehended him and “another confrontation occurred,” resulting in Nichols’ arrest, police said.

Tyre Nichols official investigationSource: USA today

On January 10, three days after the stop, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation announced Nichols had died due to injuries sustained in the “use-of-force incident with officers,” according to a statement.

On January 18, the Department of Justice said a civil rights investigation has been opened into the death of Nichols. “Last week, Tyre Nichols tragically died, a few days after he was involved in an incident where Memphis Police Department officers used force during his arrest,” Kevin G. Ritz, US Attorney for the Western District of Tennessee, said in a statement.

Tyre Nichols murdererSource: CNN

After its internal investigation, Memphis police identified and fired five officers involved in the traffic stop due to their violation of multiple department policies.

Officers Tadarrius Bean, Demetrius Haley, Emmitt Martin III, Desmond Mills, Jr., and Justin Smith were terminated for failing in their “excessive use of force, duty to intervene, and duty to render aid,” the department said in a statement. “The egregious nature of this incident is not a reflection of the good work our officers perform, with integrity every day,” Davis said.

#6. Tyre Nichols family after his death

Tyre Nichols momSource: BBC

Nichols broke the mold in many ways, family and friends said. He lived in Sacramento, Calif., before moving to Memphis, and The Golden State influenced his love of skateboarding. He favored the local Shelby Park Farms.

“He was his own person and didn’t care if he didn’t fit into what a traditional black man was supposed to be in California — he had such a free spirit, and skating gave him his wings,” a longtime friend, Angelina Paxton, told the Commercial Appeal.

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Some of Nichols’ mourning friends wore “Skate in Peace’’ t-shirts to a recent memorial for him. His stepdad, Rodney Wells, told the New York Times that he recently told Nichols, “You’ve got to put that skateboard down. “You’ve got a full-time job now.” But Paxton and others called Nichols “a free spirit.’’

“Look at me now, I’ve never been happier,’’ Nichols told Paxton in recent months, she said. “I don’t know if this was the right decision [moving to Memphis], I just know that this is where I was called to,’’ Nichols said at the time. “All you can do is go where you’re called to. Call it God, call it the universe, call it what you want — there is a plan for you and you just go, you don’t have to question it.”

Source: Press Telegram

Tyre Nichols was so devoted to his mother that he had a tattoo with her name on his arm. His mother said “That made me proud. Most kids don’t put their mom’s name,’’  “I tried to buy him a pair of Air Jordans [basketball sneakers] one time, and he said, ‘Oh, Mama, I don’t want those,’ ” Wells recalled.

"It's just so hard for me to even fathom all of this because it's not real to me right now. … I don't know anything right now," RowVaughn Wells said. "All I know is my son Tyre is not here with me anymore," she added. "I know everybody says they have a good son or that everybody's son is good, but my son? He actually was a good boy," she said. Amid the investigation, RowVaughn Wells said she just wants people to remember her son as a "beautiful soul."

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