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Who Is Luke Gulbranson From Summer House? Trivia About Luke

Searching for information on Luke Gulbranson from Summer House? Luke Gulbranson is an actor and model who was born on December 26, 1983. He is most known for his parts in the original series "Summer House" and its spin-off series "Winter House," both of which are shown on Netflix. Come celebrate with us as we remember him on this momentous occasion!

About Luke Gulbranson From Summer House

Who Is Luke Gulbranson From Summer House Who Is Luke Gulbranson From Summer House?
Luke Gulbranson is living proof that it is possible to achieve the American dream. He went from working as a lumberjack to becoming a reality TV star. Gulbranson uprooted himself from his rural community in Minnesota and moved to New York City in 2007 to pursue his goal of becoming a male model. Gulbranson's appearance as Jojo's seductive lover in her music video for "In the Dark" in 2010 was one of the highlights of his lengthy and successful career as a model.
The music video was released in 2010. In 2020, he became a well-known figure after appearing on Bravo's "Summer Home." His extensive dating history and an ensuing string of broken relationships consistently cause conflict in his life.


In the year 2020, he had a starring part in the suspense drama series "The Flight Attendant," which became a huge hit. He had just ended his relationship with his ex-girlfriend Ciara Miller, with whom he had been engaged three times. Because of his strong connection with his family in Minnesota; he makes frequent trips back to their residence there. The sixth season of "Summer House" will be the venue for Gulbranson's subsequent debut on the show.

He Runs Another Business

Luke Gulbranson From Summer House Career of Luke Gulbranson From Summer House
The reality TV star is talented in a variety of fields in addition to modeling. He also works as a youth hockey coach and has an acting career. He has been putting much effort into climbing to prominent positions in the Entertainment sector. In addition to his work as a model, actor, and instructor, Gulbranson owns and operates his own business. He launched Ranger Co., a business in the fashion and jewelry industries. Even though it is in its infancy at the moment, he is committed to developing it.

Trivia About Luke Gulbranson

Luke Gulbranson From Summer House Source: Getty Images
In addition to being at ease in front of the camera, Luke Gulbranson possesses a significant amount of ability in the technical aspects of filmmaking. In addition to being a skilled woodworker, he was responsible for renovating his lake house during the COVID-19 quarantine.
He has worked hard on some repairs and improvements that, if completed, will make the entire house seem much nicer. This indicates that one does not have to choose between becoming a master of one skill or a Jack of all trades. One may be both. Gulbranson is a religious performer with scripture tattooed all over his body to proudly display his faith to the world.


The famous person freely admits to being an adrenaline addict and rides Harley-Davidson motorbikes with great zeal and enthusiasm. Gulbranson is a kind and generous guy and a skilled artist. He also volunteers his time to generate money for cancer research while coaching a youth hockey team. Also, he launched his woodworking, clothes, and jewelry company, which he named Ranger Co., in 2018.
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