Who Is Dong Anh Quynh In Netflix 'Furies'? Everything About The Talented Actress In Netflix’s Furies

Set to premiere globally and exclusively on Netflix on March 23, Furies serves up a thrilling tale of justice and revenge set against the vibrant backdrop of 1990s Saigon. The vigilante-style mothering is how she meets Bi (Dong Anh Quynh) – a teenager who is forced to leave her rural town for Saigon after killing her rapist and her mother's murderer. Who is Dong Anh Quynh? Here is everything we know about her.

#1. Who is Dong Anh Quynh?

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Dong Anh Quynh is a famous Vietnamese model and actress. Dong Anh Quynh made an impression when participating in The Face Vietnam - 2017. She was highly appreciated by supermodel Minh Tu for her appearance, potential face and star qualities.
Dong Anh Quynh has also appeared in famous movies such as: YOLO the Movie (2019) and Dien Tho Imperial Palace's Homicide Cases (2018). Here, the audience will admire a more special Dong Anh Quynh in Thanh Wolf.
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#2.  Dong Anh Quynh career

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Starting her career at a very early age, at the age of 18, Anh Quynh was able to control her finances and life. It's a matter of pride and admiration for a strong woman. Breaking out of her comfort zone, Anh Quynh registered for the Vietnam Female Student Contest in 2013 and successfully became the 1st Asia Khoi of the contest. In 2014, she registered to participate in Miss Vietnam, because she did not have much experience, so she only stopped in the top 36.
After hone her skills, in 2017, Dong Anh Quynh enrolled in The Face Vietnam contest. Among thousands of contestants from all over the world, Ha Thanh girl was selected to join Minh Tu team. After many rounds of competition, Dong Anh Quynh successfully won the runner-up position.

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During the process of living and working in Ho Chi Minh City, Anh Quynh has been exposed and worked with many people. She has more experience and confidence in acting with many large and small art projects.
Starting with a supporting role in "Yolo- The Movie", Dong Anh Quynh was noticed for her beautiful and youthful beauty.  Successfully expressing the personality, dynamic but no less dusty of the female lead. Dong Anh Quynh received countless compliments, affirming her talent and strength.

#3. What is ‘Furies’ about?

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The film tells the story of Bi, Thanh, and Hong, three fierce and furious vigilantes who team up to take down a sinister crime syndicate led by vile crime lord Hai. As the trio of assassins infiltrate the underground crime syndicate to deliver furious justice, viewers will be left to wonder if they've been manipulated into becoming instruments of vengeance.
On top of spectacular stunt choreography and cinematography that will leave viewers at the edge of their seats, Furies will also introduce a new generation of strong Vietnamese female action heroes to global audiences.

#4. Who plays Bi in ‘Furies’? Dong Anh Quynh as Bi in ‘Furies’

Who Is Dong Anh Quynh In FuriesSource: Netflix

Dong Anh Quynh, who plays Bi, a character in constant battle with herself on what's right and wrong, shared that she underwent rigorous physical and mental training for the role. "Never in my life have I had to undergo this much physical training for a role," she reveals. "Mentally, I challenged myself to empathize with the anti-hero and mentally burdened character that Bi is, to best bring her to life on the screen."
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