Who is Deontré Hancock in 'Next in Fashion'? All Facts You Missed About Him

Netflix's designing competition 'Next in Fashion' is all set to return for season 2 after being canceled. The show's renewal in 2022 was a welcome surprise for its ardent fans. The new season is expected to feature several celebrity guests, with A-list hosts joining the aspiring designers in their hunt for perfection. Among the rising talent is Deontré Hancock, who hopes to become the next big name in fashion. Who is he? Here is detailed information you can catch up about him.

#1. Who is Deontré Hancock?

Who is Deontré Hancock in Next in FashionSource: The Cinemaholic

Deontré hails from Washington, DC and is the CEO and Design Director of Hoodlvm. He has been in the fashion industry as a well-recognized menswear designer since 2013. He has also produced the annual showcase since 2014. Additionally, Deontré has organized dozens of independently sponsored fashion events in the Washington DC area. He hosted his first fashion show titled 'Se7en' on August 2, 2014. He kicked off his career with a personal understanding of fashion, and later studied at The Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA. The menswear designer has also received critical acclaim in Fashion Week events in Washington, DC, Philadelphia, New York City, and Baltimore.
Notably, Deontre’s designs have been featured in a host of online and print publications. He is known for his exaggerated menswear looks, especially his signature puffer coats, which have become trendy. Deontré also personally designs all his clothes, which gives off 90’s popular style vibes. Besides his puffer coats, his baggy clothing dominates the menswear line, with experimental designs and eclectic patterns.
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#2. What is Deontré Hancock's biggest inspiration?

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Deontré credits his parents for his success. The designer shared in an interview that watching his parents "dress up for church on Sundays and date nights" made him pay special attention to clothes. Moreover, his own personal style from a young age was also inspired by his parents. Additionally, the designer developed an early sense of fashion for streetwear, owing to the fashion trends in the surrounding area. He also kept an eye on his classmates when he was in school. While he always seeks inspiration from the latest trends and his immediate surroundings, Deontré always adds his own spin to make the design more creative.
Meet Deontre Hancock from Netflix’s Next In Fashion. After the first season of the program, which aired in January 2020 and featured Minju Kim as the competition's victor, the program has returned for season 2. Along with replacing the original host Tan France, supermodel Gigi Hadid is hosting the competition alongside 12 amazing up-and-coming designers who are vying to become the next big thing in the fashion industry.
Each episode will see the elimination of one Next in Fashion contestant, leaving just one contestant standing to win a substantial financial prize and the chance to showcase their collection on RenttheRunway.com. Deontre Hancock is one of the 12 contenders we'll be focusing on. He works as a drag queen and a fashion designer full-time.

#3. Deontré Hancock Net Worth

Who is Deontré Hancock in Next in FashionSource: The Cinemaholic

Deontré Hancock is the CEO and Design Director of his brand Hood + Lum or Hoodlvm. You can view the brand’s catalog on its website here. You can also find the brand on 1G and YouTube.
In addition to being a well-known menswear designer, he has organized dozens of independently funded fashion events in the Washington, DC, area, including the yearly showcase since 2014. Deontre was largely self-taught but attended classes at The Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California.
Deontre gamered positive reviews in Baltimore, New York City, Washington, DC, Philadelphia, and other Fashion Week events. and many print and online publications have covered Deontre’s designs.

#4. Who is Deontré Hancock’s lover?

Who is Deontré Hancock in Next in FashionSource: Distractify

Deontre Hancock is fairly transparent about his professional life, but his love life is not as open. In other words, Deontre keeps the romantic aspects of his life very private and doesn’t advertise them on social media. 
None of his more than 200 Instagram postings indicate that he is currently romantically involved with anyone. With that in mind, we can conclude that he is either contentedly single and concentrating on his profession, or secretly dating someone.
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