Who Do You Think Should Win The "Not My Job" Awards Out Of These 40 Nominees?

Have you ever been in a situation where you had one obstacle to overcome at work, but you realized that you were not paid enough to do this task, and then you just put a little effort into completing this job and quickly come back to your home? Not only you but many people out there refuse to do something they are not required to do. And sometimes, this might end up in laugh-out-loud situations.
One favorite corner on the Internet which is the ‘Not My Job’ subreddit is dedicated to all of those funny moments. Nearly one million members of this online community constantly collect and share the funniest "Not My Job" moments they ever spotted. And in the list below, there are 40 bright nominees for the "Not My Job" Awards. Who do you think should be the winner? Don't hesitate to share your opinions with us in the comments.

#1. I set the tree up, boss

Source: JamesKBoyd

#2. This resculpted head of baby Jesus

Source: DecayedHacksaw

#3. Extra ass

Source: andrewwkfan69

#4. Just put up the ad boss

Source: oversideconsume62

#5. Landlord said he was installing shower doors...

Source: royallokii

#6. Patio closed

Source: CozilyEtherify917

#7. A very tall girl

Source: tyw7

#8. Installed the stall doors boss

Source: tiagocadeiras

#9. Replaced the furnace filter

Source: MusicNotez

#10. This is how my carrier left my mail today

Source: Fire_tooth

#11. Made the Spider-Man balloon boss

Source: UrameshiYuusuke

#12. I'm not taking that train

Source: occludedLouis

#13. Found this in Mexico

Source: Kasperhogh

#14. Fixed the drive thru, boss

Source: Szikk

#15. Labeled the exit, Boss

Source: WALisnotmyname

#16. At least he labeled it

Source: TomrummetsKald

#17. Installed the microwave boss

Source: AliceP00per

#18. Whew, almost ate one of these raw

Source: frnkys

#19. Interesting

Source: sedluyf

#20. Censored the shirt boss

Not My Job AwardsSource: ice_veins

#21. The return to school is coming strong

Not My Job AwardsSource: ContributionOpen3966

#22. Everything is fine boss

Not My Job AwardsSource: sadPigeon18

#23. They ran out

Not My Job AwardsSource: Zachtitkik

#24. Fixed bridge, boss

Not My Job AwardsSource: Leandropr

#25. “How many mm in a cm?” “Whatever”

Not My Job AwardsSource: borednerd

#26. Great way to advertise a movie

Not My Job AwardsSource: trombone_boi_

#27. The painters at a client's house

Not My Job AwardsSource: TheTB94

#28. I hope they have a poop knife

Not My Job AwardsSource: ikvindhelemaaalmooi

#29. Someone's parents are pissed

Not My Job AwardsSource: PeanutButterSoda

#30. I set up the balloons boss

Not My Job AwardsSource: bigPanic51

#31. If your house won't vent I bet you will

Not My Job AwardsSource: morganmonroe81

#32. Installed them cables boss

Not My Job AwardsSource: dhudd32

#33. Not my job to write an informative sign in this museum

Not My Job AwardsSource: Potatoexpert_Gamgee

#34. Secured the mannequin boss

Not My Job AwardsSource: StrongStuffMondays

#35. Bathroom stall door installed

Not My Job AwardsSource: MRairden

#36. I hanged it boss

Not My Job AwardsSource: XKAIRO-36

#37. Boss ordered. Not my job to argue with boss

Not My Job AwardsSource: kuprenx

#38. They will never know the difference

Not My Job AwardsSource: HeartyHemlock

#39. I didn't feel like getting out of the truck

Not My Job AwardsSource: poundin_peaches_

#40. What time is it?

Not My Job AwardsSource: allegseu78

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