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Who Did Camille On Below Deck Date?

Who did Camille on Below Deck date? Camille Lamb and Ben Willoughby, who are new to the cast but have already found love aboard Below Deck, are the latest examples of the numerous crew members who have done so. The contentious flight attendant and the deckhand began dating almost immediately after they met one other and began dating whenever they could.

Unfortunately, it appears as though their brief romance came to an end after Camille was fired from Captain Sandy’s crew, owing to her poor attitude and lack of excitement in her professional role.

#1. Who Did Camille On Below Deck Date?

Who Did Camille On Below Deck Date
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Camille informed Ben that she would move back to Mississippi to start a new chapter in her life after being fired from her job. This news was a blow to the Australian, who had developed a strong affection for the blonde beauty, who was 24 years old. The audience is interested in discovering whether the couple genuinely got divorced. Alternatively, have Camille and Ben called it quits as a couple? Do some digging.

Maybe the “Below Deck” couple Ben and Camille are still together after all these years. Even though Camille was relieved of her responsibilities at work, it would appear that she and Ben are still going strong in their boatman… or are they?

The stars of the reality television show Below Deck aren’t even in the same country at the moment; Camille is now on holiday in Florida, while Ben has moved back to his home country of Australia. At this moment, it is difficult to predict what will happen with Camille and Ben’s relationship in the future. It would appear that they are, at the very least, on good terms because they promote and remark positively about one another on social media.

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Who Did Camille On Below Deck Date
Who Did Camille On Below Deck Date?

For more information about this topic, Ben recently appeared as a guest on the Above Deck podcast, where he discussed the show. In case you were interested, the hosts did not hesitate to bring up his relationship with Camille when they introduced him. He compared their chemistry to that of a cinematic romance. Therefore, we can probably deduce that he had in mind Sara and Jonathan’s relationship from the movie Serendipity.

Ben stated on the podcast that “It was incredibly fantastic to be in that moment with her,” and he proceeded by stating that “We truly just had each other on this boat because she went through a pretty horrific period, and I feel she leaned on my shoulder for that.” Ben’s wording makes it appear as though he and Camille are no longer together in any capacity. He may be educated to deal with the media; in that case, he probably wouldn’t want to blow the beans on anything too big while there are still new episodes of Season 10 runningĀ 

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