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Who Are Nico And Bianca In Percy Jackson? A Complete Guide On "The Children Of Hell"

If you have read the original book series, you must have known and loved Bianca and Nico from Percy Jackson. They play a crucial role in the series (especially Nico, but more on that later.) In this article, let's talk about who they are in case you missed the party.

Key Takeaways

  • Bianca di Angelo's journey is a rollercoaster. She survived a childhood tragedy as Hades' daughter, grew up in a time-frozen hotel, and met a heroic but tragic end with the Artemis hunters.
  • On the other hand, Nico's story is filled with tragic loss and personal struggles. Eventually, he crafts his own way to freedom and emotional liberation.
  • As for who'll play Nico and Bianca on screen, that's still under wraps. Eagle-eyed fans caught a cool reference to the di Angelos in the show's first episodes – a little treat for the fans.

Nico And Bianca In Percy Jackson: Character Guide And Cast

Unfortunately, you are too soon for the cast information of Nico and Bianca. In the original series, they don't officially appear until Book 3, "The Titan's Curse." Before that, they only appear as hidden cameos in the Lotus Hotel, however, information about the official actors is still kept secret.

Since Season 1 of Percy Jackson revolves around Book 1, expect Season 3 in a couple of years to see them taken to life on the screen.

Having said that, we can have a look at how they play a role in this mythological series—spoiler alert.

Who Is Bianca In Percy Jackson?

Bianca di Angelo, a Greek demigod and daughter of Hades and Maria di Angelo, was born in Venice, Italy. She and her brother, Nico, experienced a tough childhood, especially after losing their mom, Maria, in a tragic incident caused by Zeus. This event led to their memories being erased and living in the Lotus Hotel and Casino for about 70 years without aging.

She and Nico later ended up in a military school in Maine, unaware of their true heritage. Bianca's life took a significant turn when she encountered Percy Jackson and other demigods. She joined the Hunters of Artemis, a group dedicated to the goddess Artemis, which meant giving up a regular life but gaining immortality as long as she didn't fall in battle. This decision was tough as it meant leaving her brother Nico, whom she cared for deeply.

Tragically, Bianca's time with the Hunters was short-lived. She died heroically during a quest, crushed by a giant automaton called Talos. Her death deeply affected Nico and became a pivotal moment in his life. Finally, Bianca chose to be reborn after reaching Elysium, a peaceful afterlife.

Even after her passing, Bianca played a crucial role in her brother's life. She appeared to him as a ghost, guiding him to forgive Percy and let go of grudges, a common fatal flaw among children of Hades. Bianca's legacy continued through her influence on Nico, helping him grow and accept himself.


Who Is Nico In Percy Jackson?

who is nico in percy jacksonSource: Frostbite Studios

The hype is real, guys, because this is definitely the fans' fav boy. Niccolo "Nico" di Angelo is a central character in Rick Riordan's "Percy Jackson and the Olympians", "The Heroes of Olympus", and "The Trials of Apollo" series. Born in Venice, Italy, around the early 1930s, Nico is a 15-year-old Italian-born Greek demigod, the son of Hades and Maria di Angelo.

Despite being biologically 15, he is chronologically in his early 90s due to time spent in the Lotus Hotel and Casino. He is known for his deep connections to the Underworld, being a son of Hades, and his title as the "Ghost King".

Nico's life is filled with trials, both emotional and physical. He initially struggles with the loss of his mother and later, his sister Bianca, which fuels his complex character development and resentment. Over the course of the series, Nico evolves from a misunderstood, lonely individual into a more open and accepting person, particularly following his acceptance of his own sexuality and his relationship with Will Solace.

Key traits defining Nico include his dark, somewhat gothic appearance, his powerful control over the dead and shadows, and his intense, occasionally brooding, demeanor. Despite his struggles, Nico proves to be a brave and loyal ally, often playing crucial roles in battles against formidable foes. His ability to travel through shadows and command the dead are among his notable demigod powers.


Who Play Nico And Bianca In Percy Jackson?

Easy, tiger, they are not on the screen or the official cast list yet. Casting Nico di Angelo for the Percy Jackson series anytime soon is pretty unlikely, especially with how major his role gets later on. The same can also be said about his sister. Remember the buzz when they picked the main trio? So, when Nico finally shows up, you bet Rick Riordan's gonna make it a big deal, not just some quick cameo.
But hey, there's a cool little nugget for the fans in the very first episode. When Percy's mom, Sally (played by Virginia Kull), talks about grabbing sandwiches, she mentions a place named di Angelo’s. The subtitles show it as "D'Angelos," but that's close enough, right? It's like a secret nod for those paying super close attention.
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