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  1. 1. Municipality of Merritt, British Columbia
  2. 2. Quilchena, a Town in British Columbia
  3. What Is Reba McEntire’s The Hammer About?
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Where Was The Hammer Filmed? The Hammer's Filming Locations

Where was The Hammer filmed? Reba McEntire's The Hammer, directed by Jeff Beesley and shown on Lifetime, is a biographical thriller based on the real-life experiences of a traveling circuit judge named Kim Wanker. In addition to the murder mystery, "Reba McEntire's The Hammer" has several intriguing locations that will have viewers wondering about the film's setting.

Thanks to the scenery, the movie takes on a much more authentic atmosphere. Which makes you wonder: Where was Reba McEntire's The Hammer filmed? Read on to find out.

1. Municipality of Merritt, British Columbia

Municipality of Merritt, British Columbia - Where Was The Hammer Filmed Source: Getty

"The Hammer" by Reba McEntire was mostly filmed in and around the Nicole Valley town of Merritt. In June 2022, many people in the area saw the show's cast and crew filming at or near the Coldwater Hotel (1901 Voght Street), where several important scenes were shot. A private home near the Moon Shadows RV Park & Campground on Neilson Street is said to have been used as one of the film's settings.

Some suggest that the filmmakers considered making Kamloops the film's primary location. After much debate, however, they ultimately decided on Merritt since it better captured the feel of the American West. Merritt is a little city in southern British Columbia, not far from where the Nicola and Coldwater rivers converge. The tourism, logging, and service sectors are vital to the economy. Of its central role in developing country music in Canada, the city has been named the "Country Music Capital of Canada."

2. Quilchena, a Town in British Columbia

Quilchena - Where Was The Hammer Filmed Source: Getty Image

Quilchena Avenue in Merritt, British Columbia, is like a canvas of country music stars' murals, even featuring Reba McEntire herself. The folks behind The Hammer chose this spot to capture that authentic Western vibe of the United States. During filming, they hit up various hotels and gas stations along the avenue, like the Coldwater Hotel.

Quilchena, located around 20 kilometers north of Merritt, is this charming unincorporated community right by Nicola Lake's south shore. It's got history, too! The Quilchena Hotel, a designated heritage site built back in 1908, became one of the main sets for The Hammer. The cast and crew even spent the night there while filming some crucial scenes. 

What Is Reba McEntire’s The Hammer About?

Reba The Hammer - where was the hammer filmed Source: Lifetime

The movie follows Kim Wheeler, a traveling judge who is known as "The Hammer" for her efficiency and decisiveness. She goes from town to town, helping people with legal issues. When a fellow judge is killed in his courtroom, she is assigned to oversee the case. However, she faces a dilemma when her sister Kris becomes the main suspect in the murder. Kim Wheeler has to balance her duty as a judge and her loyalty as a sister while trying to find the truth.

In the film, Reba McEntire plays the lead role of Kim Wheeler. Not only is Reba a renowned country singer, but she also has a successful acting career. The redhead country singer has starred in films such as North and One Night at McCool's, and TV shows such as Reba and Malibu Country. In the film, Melissa Peterman portrays Kris, Kim's sister. Peterman is also a versatile actress who has appeared in comedies like Here Comes the Boom and Young Sheldon, as well as dramas like Living with Abandon and Pretty the Series.


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The movie received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. Some praised the cast, especially Reba McEntire, for their performances and chemistry, and enjoyed the blend of humor and mystery. Some praised the effort in filming location, attributing it to the film’s authenticity. 

So, film buffs, next time you heard the question: “Where was The Hammer filmed?” remember the answer. It was filmed in two places: the Municipality of Merritt and Quilchena, British Columbia. If you found this article interesting, don't hesitate to visit us to get access to a wide range of news about your favorite movies.

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