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Where Is Frank From American Pickers? Why Was Frank Fired From American Pickers?

Frank Fritz, a key figure in the popular History Channel show "American Pickers," alongside Mike Wolfe, became a fan favorite for his expertise in antique picking. However, his sudden departure from the show in 2021 raised questions among fans. Why is Frank not on American Pickers? Let's find out!

Where Is Frank From American Pickers? What Happened To Frank?

Source: Quick Shift

American Pickers star Frank Fritz walked away from the show in March 2020 for back surgery. In July 2021, his co-star Mike Wolfe confirmed that Fritz would not return to the series.

Frank Fritz's role in "American Pickers" concluded after many years. First leaving in March 2020 for surgery, he was then let go in July 2021. People first noticed his absence in the "Ghost of the West" episode.

Wolfe announced Fritz's exit on Instagram, saying he missed him. A rumored disagreement with Wolfe spoiled Fritz's departure, and despite his desire to come back post-recovery, the network didn't bring him back.

In July 2022, Fritz had a stroke. Wolfe asked fans to pray. Open to coming back to the show, Fritz put his health first. He made up with Wolfe after years apart, and Wolfe showed a wish for Fritz's return. Fritz chose his health over coming back. Still recovering, Fritz runs his antique store, Frank Fritz Finds, and concentrates on his health, including managing Crohn's disease.


About Frank Fritz

Where Is Frank From American Pickers? About Frank Fritz Source: Quick Shift

Early Life

Born on October 11, 1963, in Davenport, Iowa, Frank Fritz developed a passion for collecting from a young age. He attended Bettendorf High School and showed an interest in various collectibles.


Frank, known for his private life, reportedly had a relationship with Dianna Bankson.


Fritz's career began as a fire inspector before transitioning to an antique collector. He co-starred in "American Pickers" from its inception in 2010, traveling across America to find antiques.

Physical Appearance

Frank is known for his distinctive look, which became synonymous with his on-screen persona.

TV Shows & Movies

Frank appeared in "American Pickers," "American Pickers: Best Of," and "American Dad!"

Social Media

Frank Fritz maintains a low profile on social media, focusing more on his recovery and personal life.
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