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  1. #1. Where Did The Bachelor Play Football?

Where Did The Bachelor Play Football?

Where did The Bachelor play football? The Bachelor on ABC is capitalizing on quarterback Zach Shallcross's reputation as much as they possibly can. Football played a significant role in the episode that aired on February 6. Zach was given words of encouragement from Shawne Merriman and Antonio Gates, who had previously played in the National Football League.
Merriman and Gates received recognition for their time spent with the San Diego Chargers when the team relocated to Los Angeles and became a member of the National Football League.

#1. Where Did The Bachelor Play Football?

Where Did The Bachelor Play Football Source: The Bachelor
Zach Shallcross attended a Division I school like Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, where football played a significant role in his collegiate career. The university is distinguished from other institutions because its 21 varsity sports teams do not all participate in the same conference. The Mustangs of Cal Poly compete in the Big West Conference, which includes several other California State University and the University of California schools.
On the other hand, the football club has been an associate of the Big Sky Conference since 2012. Since the move, the Mustangs have only twice been able to qualify for the postseason; the first time was in 2012 when they were eliminated in the second round by Sam Houston State University; the second time was in 2016 when they were eliminated in the first round by the University of San Diego. Since the move, the Mustangs have lost both times.
In 2014, Zach Shallcross took a redshirt year to begin his collegiate football career. The following year, he was a Cal Poly Mustangs football team member. Right tackle standing at 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighing 280 pounds, he was on the roster of the Cal Poly Mustangs until 2018. Zach made his collegiate debut in the Spring Game of 2015, following a year in which he wore a redshirt and did not participate in any collegiate athletics.


Where Did The Bachelor Play Football Where Did The Bachelor Play Football?
That year, Zach substituted in six different games. However, because of his leadership, the Mustangs "ranked No. 1 in team rushing for [the] fourth straight year" in 2016, even though the club finished with a 7-5. In 2017, Zach participated in nine different games and started eight of them. Because of his injuries, he had to sit out two games.  The team's record fell to 1-10, with their lone victory coming on November 4, 2017, when they competed against Portland State.
In 2018, Zach was a senior for the Mustangs, and the squad finished the year with a 5-6 record that included one victory. The team's season started with a shocking loss to North Dakota State by a score of 49-3, and then on October 20, 2018, they suffered another loss against UC Davis by a score of 52-10. They also scored 42 points against the Montana State Bobcats on November 3, but their effort was not enough to prevent a loss by the score of 49-42.
Although Zach's football career may not have reached the National Football League (NFL) level, he is presently playing with some prominent NFL players on The Bachelor. As a result, he will probably be seen by far wider audience than he did in college. Even more encouraging is that he is not the first football player to make an appearance on the show.
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