When People Miraculously Escaped Misfortunes

Unexpected turns and twists are part of life's experience. Although it may seem unlikely, heart-pounding incidents like someone narrowly avoiding a vehicle accident or really dodging a bullet are more common than we'd like to think. These are the times when we genuinely ponder what else the cosmos might have in store for us. Some folks barely managed to escape a chance encounter when they woke up in the morning or went to work one day. So grab a seatbelt and prepare for a wild trip as you explore these pictures of folks who came very near to peril.

#1. It's a Good Day to Wear Safety Goggles

Source: tjconnorstweets/Twitter

Jeremiah wore safety goggles while angle grinding, and boy, was he glad he did. The blade flew, piercing the goggles and the wall, but somehow, he still has his right eye.

#2. Karma Is Real

Source: Veriera/Reddit

When a driver rear-ended a car and sped away, it seemed like the victim was out of a ton of cash to repair his car. But thanks to his dirty car, justice was served.

#3. Whale Statues to the Rescue

Source: 010fotograaf/Twitter

In a bizarre turn of events, a tram in the Netherlands failed to stop in time and broke through the emergency barrier. But instead of plummeting into the water below, it was caught by the statue of a whale's tail!

#4. The Coins That Were Bulletproof

Source: Fadawah/Reddit

These coins passed down through generations, have an unbelievable story attached to them. During World War 1, they stopped a bullet and saved the life of the owner, the great-grandfather of the current owner!

#5. Only Seconds Away From Flames Engulfing Their Home

Source: BBQBUDDAH22/Reddit

A family who was mere seconds away from losing their home has expressed gratitude to the heroic firefighters who saved their community. As you can see in this powerful photo, the land is scorched inches away from their home.

#6. This Is Why Helmets Are Crucial

Source: JiveMonkey/Reddit

This guy was struck by a driver who ran a red light, and it was only thanks to his full helmet that he was able to walk away from the accident with his life.

#7. A Tree Fell on This Truck and Narrowly Missed the Passengers

Source: Bearwarp/Reddit

The photo of the incident is enough to make anyone shudder. It's a stark reminder that danger can strike at any moment, but sometimes the universe is on your side.

#8. This Guy Walked Away With Minor Injuries After Getting Hit by a Semi-Truck

Source: JacobStormBorn/Reddit

One would assume that anyone in the car would be rushed to the emergency room, but incredibly, the driver managed to walk away with only one injury - a large scrape on his back.

#9. This Helmet Saved Him From Shrapnel Going Through His Head

Source: luciferlol_666/Reddit

This man narrowly escaped a potentially fatal situation in Ukraine. After being hit by shrapnel, his helmet saved him from what could have been a devastating head injury.

#10. A Pole Flew Through a Windshield on the Highway

Source: walterwilter/Reddit

On a highway outside of Berkeley, California, this driver had a brush with death. While on the road, a pole flew through his windshield, narrowly missing and impaling him.

#11. Hockey Players Are Tough

Source: walterwilter/Reddit

If you got hit in the face with a puck, it could quite literally split your head, but with the help of these handy masks, these accidents can be avoided. And that's precisely what happened to this girl playing hockey.

#12. This Car Went Straight Through a Home Made of Brick

Source: babyspoot/Reddit

Apparently, this guy left to buy a late-night snack around the corner at his local gas station and returned home less than five minutes later. But to his surprise, when he got back, a car entirely crashed into his home through the brick wall.

#13. This Truck Owner Was Inches Away From Being Crushed

Source: zootiekaterr/Reddit

It's weird how both trees fell the same way, with the grass and roots lifting, but at least it was a clean fall away from crushing the car.

#14. An Office After the Beirut Explosion

Source: dalalmawad/Twitter

The only reason the people who worked there weren't harmed was because they weren't even there in person. Everyone was ordered to stay home because of COVID protocols, and that quarantine ended up saving their lives.

#15. That Car Fits Perfectly Under the Fallen Tree

Source: insurancejack/Instagram

It seems this tree fell after the driver had already parked and left the vehicle. But it's almost more surprising that this tree fell at exactly the right angle to entirely miss hitting the car.

#16. Fried Chicken Container Saves the Day

Source: can_duece/Twitter

This could've gone really badly, but somehow, this image captured this box of chicken that defied both physics and gravity.

#17. There's Never a Good Reason to Not Use Safety Chains

Source: ranman35/Reddit

truck driver was on the highway and lost control, sending the car over the bridge. Now there's no doubt the passengers lives flashed before their eyes. But in the best possible circumstances, the chains that hooked up the RV to the truck saved them.

#18. A Reminder to Be Grateful for Escaping a Flat Tire

Source: stalwart_rabbit/Reddit

Just a mini buddha that didn't even cause a flat tire, thankfully. If that's not a sign of good luck or karma, then what is?

#19. You Cannot Park There Sir

Source: JustWantToSignUp/Reddit

A group of friends in Haifa, Israel, were hanging out, smoking, and laughing when the unthinkable happened. Out of nowhere, a car fell on top of them.

#20. In This Moment His Life Flashed Before His Eyes

Source: acidwife/Reddit

While driving, something came flying toward the car from the left lane and impaled the windshield. It's a miracle that the driver managed to escape without serious harm.
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