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  1. Paris Hilton walked for Paris Fashion Week
  2. Her walk got much attention
  3. Look back on her walks over the years

When Paris Hilton's Legs Ruled The Runway, But The Mocking Echoed Louder

Paris Fashion Week is a dazzling showcase of high fashion and celebrity glamor, where stars often steal the spotlight. Paris Hilton is no exception. The 42-year-old woman caught everyone’s attention by not only her fame but also her surprisingly athletic legs.
Hilton's appearance on the Mugler runway with those impressive legs made quite a stir. 
As she gracefully walked down the catwalk, the crowd had plenty to say. Paris’s walk and her legs took center stage and sparked a mix of admiration and mockery. Keep scrolling down for more details.

Paris Hilton walked for Paris Fashion Week

During Paris Fashion Week, Paris Hilton made an appearance on the runway for Mugler, a renowned fashion brand. She rocked an all-black ensemble, right from her heels down to her bag. Hilton sported a sleek bun hairstyle and kept her makeup understated, except for the bold and striking eyeliner that accentuated her eyes.

Her walk got much attention

Paris Hilton confidently strutted down the runway, but her walk received a range of reactions from onlookers. Some viewers noted that her walk appeared "odd" in a video of the event. Many said that she walked like a robot and suggested she should not walk anymore unless she practices more.
On the other hand, many fans showed their support for the star, particularly admiring her impressive legs. “I’m amazed by her toned legs,” commented a fan. “Those legs?!? I don’t care how she walks, these legs are goals” added another.
A person claimed that her walk is related to her outfit while another wrote, “She actually knows how to catwalk. What Paris knows how to do better is cause a stir and make you all talk about her giving her more hype. She’s an icon, a truly brilliant mastermind.”

Look back on her walks over the years

Over the years, Paris Hilton has made her distinctive runway walk her signature style. In the previous year, she had the honor of closing the Versace fashion show. For the occasion, she donned a shimmering pink dress that harkened back to the iconic 2000s era and the memorable outfit she wore for her 21st birthday celebration. 
A pink veil adorned her head, creating a buzz around her appearance. While some critics had their say about her walk, the majority of onlookers admired her and her unique style.
A person commented, “Paris Hilton walking for Versace in a sparkly pink dress was the sensation. Thanks Donatella for making it possible.” Another added, “Paris Hilton is the ultimate Versace Barbie.”
A fan said, “She’s going for her walk. She’s been doing it since the ’90’s, and she’s never going to try to walk like a catwalk model because she is Paris Hilton.”
Living in the spotlight for years, Paris Hilton is no stranger to constant scrutiny from both the media and her fans. Every action and decision she makes tends to invite a fair share of attention and opinions. Notably, some of her followers didn't hesitate to voice their disapproval when they came across pictures of Hilton with her little daughter.
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