When Nothing Goes Right: 20 People Who Absolutely Wanted To Rewind Their Terrible Day

People often compare life to a zebra. It has black and white stripes, but the trouble is that the black stripes frequently arrive fairly suddenly in our lives. We've collected images from folks who would surely prefer to know ahead of time that they won't be receiving any good news on the upcoming day.
Just keep in mind when things are tough that other individuals have it worse and still find humor in their misfortunes. In this post, people from all over the world relate their most unfortunate experiences, such as having their passport torn in half hours before a trip or using a bathroom with a window. Even though we wish our terrible days would end, it's preferable to laugh off the minor setbacks that come our way in life.

#1. Luckily had no one sitting in my row for a 10 hr flight and then…this

Source: Goodguybadd

#2. Wife thinks this coffee is ground properly.

Source: Spkr_Freekr

#3. Don't ever buy a breakfast burrito at a gas station.

Source: LadyRaoulDukeGonzo

#4. So at 6am I was very rudely awakened to the sound of my beautiful reclaimed, but as yet unsecured, art deco basin crashing onto my newly tiled floor. Barbara the cat scarpering out as I reach the bathroom

Source: geefunken

#5. My wedding tux pants ripped 45 min before the ceremony

Source: Nfgzebrahed

#6. The burger I ordered (and couldn't eat) from a highly rated dive joint...

Source: onlyhereforthelmaos

#7. Ruined my Stainless Steel Pot Lid by Turning on the Wrong Induction Burner. I Was About to Pick it up When I saw the Blue


#8. A tree fell on my Cadillac

Source: MasterPPbokchoypimp

#9. This is why I hate letting people borrow stuff

Source: likeneelyohara

#10. My microwave noodles came in a bowl that is not microwave safe.

Source: Mesoscale92

#11. I opened the pizza I ordered to-go and saw this.

Source: Captavius_OG

#12. Took a phone call, sat up in bed, looked at my watch to see what the date was, only to find the screen had completely come off.


#13. Public restroom stalls with... viewing windows? Why?

Source: TheOneTheUno

#14. The break room at my job

Source: codybevans

#15. I just wanted some sugar in my coffee...

Source: BoiFrosty

#16. My dad pulled his nails/screws/bolts drawer in his woodshop out a little to far today.

Source: Wreckful5583

#17. Ordered fried pickles as an appetizer. I got 1 pickle cut into 4, cost me $10

Source: joeyvesh13

#18. I asked for a lovely red-gold color. I got this...I work in a law firm in a client facing role. Ugh.

Source: Catmeow82

#19. Seriously….like really?

Source: T_lauderbaugh

#20. She tried to hold the doors with her dinner in her hands. She missed the train, but her dinner didn't.

Source: old_gold_mountain

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