When Misspellings And Typos Totally Devastated The Original Meanings

Before a manuscript is published or disseminated, a process known as "proofreading" is used to carefully check it for grammatical errors, typos, and misspellings. However, it seems that a lot of individuals skip over this straightforward job and just submit their writing without even reading it. And what happens if the message you wish to convey isn't proofread? In essence, you're allowing the grammar police to shame you in front of everyone. The rhetorical grammar cops will definitely mind your words for you if you don't.

#1. Are you sure?...

Source: u/lawlesskenny

#2. And the "world's greatest typo" award goes to...

Source: u/Captain_B

#3. My Dad leaves misspelled notes, and I leave replies

Source: u/Tikistand

#4. Oh, good, I'll just park illegally then.

Source: u/aimzies

#5. Parking fee just gotten real.

Source: u/KiKenTai

Everybody occasionally commits typing errors. After all, learning and mastering English is incredibly challenging. But there's a clear distinction between a careless error and a dumb error. Even if you accidentally use the phrases "prosecute" and "prostitute" interchangeably, the end effect sends the wrong message and is not at all what you intended. The message you wish to send can be changed or ruined by a single letter being left out or appearing in the wrong location. To avoid any form of censure, it is imperative that you check your material before releasing it.

#6. This mispelling.

Source: u/[deleted]

#7. The irony.

Source: u/BlazefireSaber

#8. Got this in my fortune cookie. It's about time those fruits started showing some appreciation

Source: u/Whatisthischeese

#9. I told them their sign was misspelled

Source: judokitten

#10. Firefighters had to deal with not just the fire, but...

Source: u/thratty

We searched the internet for these amusing instances of spelling mistakes that are simply unacceptable. In order to avoid embarrassment, always double-check your text before uploading it. Keep in mind that there are lots of wiseacres searching for some dumb mistakes to eat.

#11. Apparently those in the scuba community have to deal with some high maintenance members.

Source: u/0x12is18

#12. "Men at work"

Source: u/sw1a

#13. Shamed by you English?

Source: u/TheNewEnnui

#14. Apparently not

Source: u/[deleted]

#15. Yeah... I think I'll pass

Source: u/jcravenw

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