When Folks And Things In The Supermarket Were Not Afraid Of Being Judged By Other Customers

Going to the supermarket is a daily routine that generally has nothing extraordinary. But there are people who, either to amuse others or simply because they are like that, go beyond the norm and manage to attract the attention of the rest of the consumers due to their peculiarities.
Bright Side highlighted some photos shared by Reddit users of those strange people or situations they encountered while shopping.

#1. We're out of toilet paper and this store was our last option

Source: AHetalianTiredOfLife

#2. This is truly something else

Source: ButtEater344

#3. This little dude riding around Walmart cleaning the floor

Source: Donthurtmyceilings

#4. Someone at my local Walmart opened all of the Cinnamon Toast Crunch boxes to snatch the codes inside for a chance to win a PS5.

Source: scurvylemur

#5. When you conquer the Everest

Source: Raulzitoe

#6. Someone ate an entire chicken and just left it there without paying

Source: Almari_SonOfAlmara

#7. The freezer was right there.

Source: reddit

#8. I work at Walmart and came into this nice gift, I guess a kid really had to go, and well the tacos shells looked like a good place for that

Source: jewel_lay

#9. Big surprise, lazy Walmart shoppers abandoning raw meat in the shoe aisle.

Source: adullploy

#10. Found this little gem in the freezer how this happened I have no idea

Source: Pathomthepecan

#11. He’s ready for whatever Walmart throws at him..

Source: Tgates00

#12. Winnie the Pooh needs groceries, too.

Source: Tgates00

#13. My buddie's ex got married in a Wal Mart


#14. The Tower of Walmart.

Source: laughinsohard

#15. Kentucky Fried Chicken Listerine mouthwash, for your chicken breath?

Source: troll_team_12

#16. Not a person of Walmart, but they know their target audience

Source: nutmeats13

#17. Only in Texas

Source: velvetlime

#18. Bringing back the 1300s in style

Source: sar_ahhhhhh

#19. Day 3 and no one knows I’m up here.

Source: Mexkan

#20. Is.... is this what these are for?

Source: belugawilin

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