When Clever People Act Way Ahead Of Their Time (20+ Pics)

Let's face it: some of the most useful inventions that exist today were created out of sheer laziness—cars, potato peelers, and all. While those inventions were accepted by society, these clever people on our list below took things to the next level with their incredible creations. These "hacks" were clearly born out of a desire to make life much easier, but most of them are way too embarrassing for any of us to use in public.
From using chair stilts to cross the flood to showering in pots, these clever people will blow you away with their amusing (yet effective) solutions to any problem. Sounds crazy, right? So let's wait no further and dive into our list as we show you snaps of folks who decided to share their unique and useful inventions with everyone. Enjoy!
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#1 "While your is in 2019, mine is in 2050:"

Source: lalafreitasr

#2 It's not like you're going to take your shoes off in public...

Source: Unknown

#3 Oh, you're so gonna try this out!

Source: topcommentfun

#4 A genius!

Source: playbuzz

#5 If life gives you lemons...

Source: psiquex7

#6 "Why didn’t anyone tell me about this technique when I was in school?"

Source: Unknown

#7 Father of the year!

Source: Unknown

#8 Now all they need to do is to train Daisy to bring a bottle too!

Source: Unknown

#9 Cooking method that will blow you away:

Source: Unknown

#10 Brilliant!

Source: facebook

#11 This image is from 2060

Source: atodosdesde1992

#12 Asked me mum if she could bring my charger down stairs, she replied "shout the dog"

Source: sophiebillo1

#13 That is how you win over customers!

Source: psiquex7

#14 10/10 would recommended

Source: seth005

#15 Work with drinks too.

Source: AlpacaRuler23

#16 “Weld” the leftover small pieces with soap lather to the new one:

Source: gooptagoopta

#17 When the neighbour wanted to borrow 3 eggs:

Source: dopplestranger

#18 Air filter from online:

Source: dpr8719

#19 "Heinz wood glue applicator, squeezes precisely every time for years now"

Source: Axuss3

#20 After using and rinsing the plunger, rest it under the seat to dry to avoid dripping commode water on the floor:

Source: SamW20910

#21 Just don't bring it to the boil...

Source: reddit

#22 "Emergency stop"

Source: Benlastend

#23 Master Lock 100

Source: reddit

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