What’s In Betty Gore Crime Scene Photos? Love And Death Real Life Crime Scene

In June 1980, Candy Montgomery, who was reportedly having an extramarital relationship with the husband of Betty Gore, her neighbor and close friend in Wylie, Texas, fatally assaulted Gore with an ax after a dispute concerning the affair. Montgomery argued that she acted in self-defense when Gore attacked her in response. The tragic death of this two-child mother shocked the community. Here is the crime scene photos collection.

#1. The Betty Gore Crime Scene Photos

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The Betty Gore Crime Scene Photos is a collection of nine photographs taken by Detective Juan Rivera of the Miami-Dade Police Department at the location where the murder of Betty Gore occurred.  The photographs solely show the picture of Betty Gores that was discovered at the site; no other pieces of evidence or objects are captured in the images.
Some people have been puzzled why the police didn’t snap additional photos of the crime scene and why they just showed this one picture. Others have questioned why the police only showed this one picture. There are a few different hypotheses that could explain this. It’s possible that the investigator didn’t have copies of the photo, or they were scared that taking more images would taint the evidence in some way if they did.
Both of these scenarios are feasible. Regardless of why these images were taken, they provide an exciting look into investigating one of the most infamous murders in Florida.
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#2. Betty Gore was axed 41 times by her best friend Candy Montgomery

Betty Gore Crime Scene PhotosSource: Vizaca

Candy Montgomery was about to leave the room, trying to make an escape during her altercation with Betty Gore. The two allegedly battled for the ax that Gore used to initially threaten Montgomery. According to the latter's court testimony, the victim did not allow her to escape even after she struck her in the head, which caused heavy bleeding.

#3. Candy cleaned up in Betty's bathroom after the crime

Betty Gore Crime Scene PhotosSource: Vizaca

According to reports, Candy Montgomery rinsed the blood off herself in the victim's house before leaving to continue about her everyday affairs. She testified while on the stand during her trial that she had a shower at the Gore residence before leaving while Betty's infant was still upstairs, crying in the crib.
After changing into fresh clothes at home, she headed to the church to attend Bible school with her kids and Gores' elder daughter before having lunch with friends. Montgomery also discarded the remains of the footwear she was wearing when she murdered Gore.

#4. Betty Gore's next-door neighbors discovered the bloody crime scene

Lester Gayler and Richard Parker, two of Gore's neighbors, discovered her body along with the bloody crime scene at her house. The two reportedly went over to the Gores residence after receiving calls from Allan Gore, Betty's husband, who grew concerned about her whereabouts when she failed to return his calls.
The crime scene, according to Gayler, was the most horrific thing he had ever witnessed. He remembered noticing ax marks as high as the roof and blood all over the place. Lester also recalled seeing Montgomery the following day and stated that she appeared unaffected by the events.
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