What The What? 21 Of The Dumbest Things American Folks Have Ever Said

It is an undisputed reality that some people see Americans as the most eccentric, if not the weirdest people on the planet. More specifically, when they approach foreigners in various ways, they continuously reveal to the world their extremely weird side. By asking dumb questions like "Are you from Europe so you speak European?" or making ridiculous claims about how the world works.
Take a look at 20 of the dumbest things American folks have ever said. We’ve compiled them from a subreddit named "Shit Americans Say." What exactly are you waiting for? Let’s get started and enjoy!

#1. Sad truth

Source: justaskeptic

#2. My “medium” drink. Are they downsizing the drink sizes everywhere?

Source: peridot-dawn

#3. Europe sucks. It's like stepping back in time 30 years

Source: ArmouredWankball

#4. "Dear France ... Riot like it's 1776!"

Source: MrLewk

#5. If the Harry Potter movies had American actors, Hogwards might be more magical

Source: mil1980

#6. Spain has 90% white people and has a tradition that has outfits exactly like the kkk

Source: M3neillos

#7. LoL ur comparing a town to a continent

Source: igi06

#8. No one will indoctrinate this boy

Source: Mundane_Ad701

#9. I don't give a shit about tradition or whatever

Source: Aki008035

#10. A video about the worlds most free countries and using American flags as scale

Source: Narrow-Ad-4688

#11. States DO count, sadly"...on a video about finding the squarest country

Source: Jackhammerqwert

#12. "The amount of "cheese" left after the propellent has run out"

Source: Raoul--Moat

#13. "Glad my service means nothing to these people"

Source: OkBommer1

#14. "Normalize staying home", if you're too poor to tip you don't deserve to eat outside

Source: rocketfucker9000

#15. Jesus Tips 20%

Source: BurnZ_AU

#16. As an Italian American, espresso and olive oil basically run through my veins

Source: ractical_Farmer_856

#17. Europe DESTROYS Burger King!! What Are They Doing To Our Food??

Source: Egg_Sucker69

#18. Meanwhile in Europe: car jackings, muggins, subway bombings, acid attacks, rapes

Source: Striking_Answer1240

#19. Welcome to the La familia

Source: Florence987Tyler

#20. What are you trying to say? Libertarian?

Source: FrugFred

#21. The ambulance is not your taxi to the hospital

Source: alematt

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