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  1. Moana Live Action: The Announcement
  2. A Moana Live-Action Needs Consistency
  3. A Moana Live-Action Needs Great VFX: No Subpar CGI
  4. Moana Live Action: One Final Thing

What Moana Fans Expect To See In A Live-Action Adaptation

The enchantment of Disney holds an undeniable allure, and rightfully so – it stands as a realm where dreams take shape. Yet, Disney's magic extends far beyond the realm of cinematic wonder. Its prowess in strategic artistry has earned it a reputation akin to that of a masterful sorcerer. Perhaps it's more fitting to liken Disney to an alchemist, consistently transmuting the ordinary into the extraordinary – a feat that seems as commonplace as turning straw into gold. 

The empire of Disney reigns supreme in the domain of cinematic reimaginings, having not only revitalized timeless classics but also breathed life into them through the medium of live-action renderings. A notable collection of 19 live-action adaptations exists, with forthcoming releases including the captivating tales of "Little Mermaid" and the timeless "Peter and Wendy." Therefore, the news of yet another Disney adaptation hardly comes as a surprise.

This time, the spotlight falls upon none other than "Moana." Some may ponder the choice of giving precedence to Moana over the phenomenally successful "Frozen," a question that beckons exploration. While personal opinions may vary, a constellation of motives might elucidate the matter.


#1. Moana Live Action: The Announcement

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson revealed the next Moana adaptation in association with Disney. The announcement was made via a video message. Additionally, it was thought to be extremely passionate and heightened excitement.

By assuring that this version will be true to the original, Johnson has added a little bit of extra sweetness. Collider points out, “Johnson not only promises that the new adaptation of the film will feature all the characters, songs, and visuals fans love about the film but also confirms that he will reprise the character of Maui himself.”


#2. A Moana Live-Action Needs Consistency

Johnson declared that the movie is already headed in the correct direction. Fans would particularly want to see a simplified feature. Additionally, it is common knowledge that Disney fans are wary of remakes, particularly when character alterations are included. One simply has to consider the uproar around Hallie Bailey's selection for the role of Ariel.

Therefore, the current trajectory is fantastic for many. The fan base must be careful not to overreact and keep in mind that the aesthetic will not be exactly the same. In translation, something is always lost. However, they may look forward to keeping the spirit strong, which is crucial.


#3. A Moana Live-Action Needs Great VFX: No Subpar CGI

Some animation aspects, however, are simple to translate. Additionally, Disney animated films frequently depict humanized monsters. King crab (Tamatoa) and Ta-fiti play major roles in the movie Moana. This calls for their inclusion. The omission of Mushu in the live-action movie was a particular annoyance for Mulan devotees. Many fans erupted in rage and attacked Disney for not including one of their favorite characters. According to Newsweek, "some fans of the original 1998 animated Mulan were angered not by what they saw in the trailer for the movie starring Yifei Liu as the title character, but by what they did not see: Their beloved character Mushu, who Eddie Murphy voiced in the original."

Poorly executed CGI is one of the main annoyances of fans. Fans will bemoan the poor CGI despite the excellent acting and potential greatness of the plot. And while Disney has been doing this for years with several of their films, they discovered how erratic their fan base can be with the debut of their She-Hulk trailer. They had to make another trailer with better CGI since the criticism was so severe. However, fans frequently accept CGI as long as it isn't frightening.


#4. Moana Live Action: One Final Thing

The most important aspects that fans want to see in a live-action adaptation are consistency and stellar effects. Of course, the consistency of the plot is in line with the consistency of the characterization. Fans will probably be very receptive to the work if there aren't too many changes and the overall story arc remains the same.

And, according to recent press releases, one of the most important issues has already been addressed. Viewers see the real people who embody Maui and Moana. However, the following word of caution is required. Seeing Johnson in live-action as Maui may take people out of the story, resulting in a less-than-stellar reception for the film. This is due to Johnson's larger-than-life character in previous roles. This is also not a good thing.

Moana is still in its early stages, with no set release date. Fans of Moana and her heart of Ta-fiti, on the other hand, will be even more excited.

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