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What Is “Don't Say Gay” Bill Law? Fully Explained

A national "Don't Say Gay" bill has been proposed by House Republicans, modeled after the contentious Florida law that forbids teaching about gender identity and sexual orientation in kindergarten through third grade classes.
The federal bill's effects could be much wider-ranging, affecting not only events and literature at any federally-funded institution but also instruction in schools, which is unlikely in the current Congress.
Here is the explanation of it. What are three big things the law does? Why they’re controversial?

#1. What 3 things does Florida’s law do?

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  1. It bans instruction or classroom discussion about LGBTQ issues for kindergarten through third grade. For older students, discussion about gay and transgender issues has to be “age appropriate or developmentally appropriate.”
  2. It empowers parents to sue the school district over teachings they don’t like. And the district will have to pay for it.
  3. It requires schools to tell parents when their child receives mental health services.

#2. What are the impacts? 

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For one, sex education has already been banned in Florida (as in many states) until the fifth grade. So critics say the law tries to solve a problem that doesn’t exist for the state’s youngest students. Because it limits even discussions about LGBTQ issues, it could stifle conversations for children who need to work through their own gender or sexual-identity questions, they say.
“It begs the question of whether a teacher having a picture of a partner on their desk, or being asked to be referred to as Mr. or Mrs., if that counts as classroom instruction on gender identity,” said Brandon Wolf, with the LGBTQ advocacy group Equality Florida.

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That could prompt schools to preemptively shut out teachings or conversations about LGBTQ issues. Some librarians across the country are accusing their schools of quietly removing race- and LGBTQ-related books from their shelves before it starts a fight, The Washington Post recently reported.
“Cash-strapped school districts can’t afford to test the bounds of a law like this,” Wolf said, citing reports that some schools in the state have started to peel off rainbow safe-space stickers from windows. “It’s the chilling effect that is a natural implication of this legislation.”
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It could take away a school’s ability to serve as a haven for students who might not feel comfortable talking to their parents about their gender orientation or sexuality.
But proponents say it would ensure parents are informed if their child is experiencing confusion over their identity. One of the advocates for the bill is a Florida mother who says her child’s school recognized her child’s gender identity as different from the one they recognized at home. is a website that provides you with new updates and creative ideas to brighten your day. Don’t hesitate to visit our site to know more about daily updated news.
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