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  1. #.1 What Happened To Vector After Despicable Me?
  2. #2. Will Vector Return In Future Despicable Me Movies?
  3. #3. Is Despicable Me 4 Coming Any Time Soon?

What Happens To Vector From Despicable Me? Illumination’s New Movie Has You Covered

Hardcore Despicable fans cannot simply forget Vector, one of the most quirky and enigmatic villains in the entire franchise (The Minions spinoffs included). Initially appearing as a nerdy and clumsy guy, Vector has a surprisingly malevolent mind and quickly becomes a big threat to Gru and the girls. 
At the end of the first movie, Vector got booted up to the moon thanks to his own shrinking technology and was stranded there with a Minion. The villain hadn’t been mentioned ever since, so everyone was curious about his ultimate fate. Luckily, Illumination’s latest short film, Moon, has finally unveiled what happened to Vector after the events of Despicable Me. Let’s find out.

#.1 What Happened To Vector After Despicable Me?

Source: Illumination, YouTube
After Gru and the girls thwart Vector’s plan to steal the moon, the latter gets sent into space and is stuck there with a minion. A lot of theories regarding Vector’s fate have been emerging ever since, with some assuming that he died due to a lack of nutrition, while the rest suggest that with his intellect and skills, Vector could have built an entire empire of his own on the moon.
Despicable Me 4 Source: Universal Pictures
Illumination’s 2023 short film, Mooned, confirms that Vector is alive and well, and immediately tries to get back to Earth right away. Vector, with Jason Segel reprising the role, attempts multiple ideas to leave the place, and even encounters several stranded Minions along the way, who partially help them with his project. 
After many tries, from using missiles to old US equipment, the villain successfully leaves the Moon, but instead of going back to Earth, he ends up on Mars. This time, he’s completely stripped of every piece of equipment and clothing as well, making his journey back to Earth even less likely.

#2. Will Vector Return In Future Despicable Me Movies?

Will Vector Return In Future Despicable Me Movies? Source: Universal Pictures
As Vector’s attempts keep getting him stranded further and further away from Earth, it seems like the acclaimed villain won’t return to the franchise any time soon. Vector is now left on Mars without any gears or equipment to help him, and with only his underwear intact, he will probably meet a much darker fate than he was on the Moon.
Illumination Studio Source: Universal Pictures
While this ending seems a bit harsh for Vector, it would make no sense to bring him back as a villain in future movies. The Despicable Me franchise has its fair share of charismatic and quirky villains throughout every movie, they even form a villain league of their own. 
Therefore, it’s unnecessary to bring Vector back, who has already offered everything he has in the first film. Instead, the franchise should introduce new bad guys into the franchise like they always do, as it will keep things fresh and interesting for fans.

#3. Is Despicable Me 4 Coming Any Time Soon?

Is Despicable Me 4 Coming Any Time Soon? Source: Universal Pictures
Great news for the Despicable Me fanbase, as a fourth installment is said to be under production already. So far, there is very little information about the movie, including its release date. However, fans will be glad to hear that Steve Carrell will reprise his voice-acting role as the eccentric and charming Gru. Other actors such as Kristen Wiig (Lucy), and Miranda Cosgrove (Margo), are set to return as well.
The film is reported to feature a brand-new villain named Silas Ramsbottom, who will be voiced by Steve Coogan. No release date or trailer has been confirmed yet by Illumination, but the movie is set to premiere somewhere in 2024.
Do you think Vector can somehow return in Despicable Me 4? Share your thoughts in the comment sections.
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