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What Happened To Joe In You? The Twists In Joe Goldberg's Dark Saga

In the popular show "You," Joe Goldberg's story is a series of shocking events and big surprises. Let's take a closer look at Joe's recent adventures and understand what's been happening in his life in the show's exciting story.

Key Takeaways:

  • Joe Goldberg, alias Jonathan Moore, starts anew in London, entangled in a series of murders, revealing a darker side and complex relationships.
  • Unveiled as the real "Eat The Rich" killer, Joe's actions stem from mental struggles and hallucinations, challenging his sense of reality.
  • Despite efforts to change, Joe's fixation on Marienne and consequential actions lead to self-awareness, repercussions, and a cunning return to New York.

What Happened To Joe? Joe Goldberg's Latest Chapter In "You"

What exactly happened to Joe in "You"? Joe Goldberg, now Jonathan Moore, starts anew in London after escaping his past. He gets caught up in a string of killings, with Malcolm's death being just the beginning.

As the season unfolds, we see Joe's fight against a stalker who knows his real identity, leading him to a showdown with Rhys Montrose, the obvious planner behind these events.


Joe's London Plot

Source: Still Watching Netflix
In London, Joe, a literature professor, navigates a complicated web of relationships. After befriending high-society individuals, he discovers Malcolm dead, setting off a series of deaths. A mysterious stalker targets Joe, revealing Rhys Montrose as the killer. But this revelation is just the start of a much darker story.

The Twist: Joe's Dual Identity

The big surprise of the season is that Joe, not Rhys, is the actual "Eat The Rich" killer. Joe's hallucination of Rhys as a separate person comes from his serious mental problems. His actions are the result of his inner struggle and losing touch with reality.

The Fate Of Marienne

Joe's fixation leads him to imprison Marienne in the well-known glass box. This decision underscores Joe's inability to escape his darker impulses, despite his efforts to change.

Joe's Self-Realization

Joe's journey to self-awareness peaks in a dramatic moment on a bridge where he tries to end his life. This moment signifies his realization of the harm he's caused and his wish to stop the repeated violence. However, his suicide attempt fails, leading to more complexities in his journey.

Joe's Consequences & New Direction

After surviving his suicide attempt, Joe deals with the consequences of his actions. He tricks people around him, including framing Nadia for a crime, and continues his sneaky methods. His return to New York and his reunion with Kate mark a return to his roots, but with a new level of cleverness.

Reflection On Joe's Story

Joe Goldberg's evolution from a murderous bookstore manager to a college professor in London, dealing with his inner demons, highlights the detailed storytelling and character development in "You."
The show skillfully mixes suspense, drama, and unexpected twists, leaving viewers eager to see what's next for Joe Goldberg.
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