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  1. What Happened To Jamie Foxx?

What Happened To Jamie Foxx? Updated News

What happened to Jamie Foxx? The actor, who is 55 years old and was working on the set of Back in Action in Georgia when he was admitted to the hospital with a health problem last week, but he is showing signs of progress. He is anticipated to make a complete recovery from his condition.

"Thanks be to God, he's doing great," a source shared with People. Medical professionals are now evaluating him, but he is awake and alert. They are maintaining a watchful vigil over him.

What Happened To Jamie Foxx?

What Happened To Jamie Foxx Source: Getty Images

According to his close friend Martin Lawrence, Jamie is "doing better" in the medical facility where he is being treated. A portion of his conversation with Extra includes the following quote: "I hear he's getting better... Every night before I go to bed, I pray for him, wishing him the best of luck since he is one of the most talented people Hollywood has to offer. "A good person who also happens to be one of the most talented performers."

According to recent reports, the actor is still taking a battery of medical exams to figure out what is wrong with him. After his daughter Corinne Foxx disclosed a "medical complication" the previous week, People reported that "the actor is still in a Georgia medical facility, having tests run."

Jamie is under the watchful eye of medical professionals who are "still trying to figure out what exactly happened." The information we provided said, "They are running tests." As of the 10th of April, there have been no reports of Foxx being seen on-site. On April 12, Corinne let everyone know that her father had "recovered" from the scare that he had had. Back in Action's production was apparently "shut down" because of the actor's absence; however, a source revealed to People that filming continued the next day with a stand-in for the star.


What Happened To Jamie Foxx What Happened To Jamie Foxx?

In an Instagram post, Corinne revealed the news that her father, Jamie Foxx, had a medical issue the day before, saying, "We wanted to share that." He had a quick reaction from everyone, and the care he received was wonderful, so he is doing much better today. We know how well-liked he is and cherishes the best wishes you have for him. During this trying time, the family asks that you respect their need for privacy.

Corinne is the daughter that Foxx shares with his ex-wife Connie Kline, and Annalise Bishop, who is 14 years old, is the daughter that Foxx shares with his ex-girlfriend Kristin Grannis. Kerry Washington, the 46-year-old actress who played his wife in the films Ray and Django Unchained, is one of many famous individuals who have offered their thoughts and hopes for a rapid recovery for the actor Denzel Washington.
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