What 10 Celebrities Who Never Seem to Age Would Look Like If They Aged The Way Ordinary People Do

What celebrities look the same as they did years ago? Do you have any names in your mind?
From actors to athletes, many never seem to age. It’s not fair but these ageless famous people look exactly the same decades after we were first introduced to them. While many underwent numerous cosmetic surgeries or accessed beauty treatments to maintain their beauty, some are blessed with great genes and incredible good looks.
We never stop wondering what kind of magic J.Lo uses to look so stunning or why The Rock looks even younger now than he did in high school. It seems like time has stopped for them or they signed a pact with the devil – Well, just a joke. No matter what, their beauty makes us admire and sometimes envious.
So, we decided to edit some photos of celebrities who seem to be forever young to see how they would look if they aged like everyone else.

#1 Gwen Stefani

Source: CJ Rivera / Everett Collection / East News

#2 Jared Leto

Source: Collin Xavier / East News

#3 Halle Berry

Source: Elizabeth Goodenough / East News

#4 Will Smith

Source: Jordan Strauss / East News

#5 Jennifer Aniston

Source: Kristin Callahan / East News

#6 Dwayne Johnson

Source: CJ Rivera / East News

#7 Sandra Bullock

Source: Elizabeth Goodenough / East News

#8 Paul Rudd

Source: East News

#9 Jennifer Lopez

Source: Grosby Group / East News

#10 Pharrell Williams

Source: CJ Rivera / Everett Collection / East News

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