Weird Situations When Misfortunes Strikes People

No matter how hard we try, some awkward situations are bound to happen. Whether it’s mixing up some unknown person with your mom, getting into the wrong car, or finding yourself in a delicate position where you shouldn’t be, all these situations happen to each and every one of us.
Despite the fact that very often, they find a way to come back into our minds and make us cringe, these situations usually are also very funny to remember after a while.
People in the photos below would make fine illustrations for what we've just said. Moments when misfortune hits that leave people speechless, let's scroll down to check them out!

#1 A direct hit to the favorite album

Source: jordan_chez

#2 You mean mowing the money?

Source: PoetBoye

#3 The correct way to cap off the trip

Source: PhilJ223

#4 I can't even look

Source: daeHruoYnIllAstI

#5 No adblock?

Source: jack_b_30

#6 Thank god, somebody told him

Source: RavenIsAWritingDesk

#7 "Not my problem anymore"

Source: Eu_Nao_Concordo

#8 A costly mistake

Source: KingInTheNorthVI

#9 This hurts

Source: TheMemeMachine3000

#10 Ouch, the wallet, too?

Source: SmokesCrackHorseman

#11 It's always on the first day

Source: Ononas

#12 I got trapped

Source: Reddit

#13 Seems like this couldn't help

Source: BunBunChow

#14 Like, come on!

Source: FaydingAway

#15 Hit rate is quite high, I guess?

Source: pokemon-collector

#16 Woah, what an upgrade

Source: jayeshrc

#17 Extra protein!

Source: Sproose_Moose

#18 Ouch, the dream house's gone

Source: chipdipper99

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