16 Weird Shots Suddenly Taken By The Google Car That Will Blow Your Mind Out!

The best photos are candid photos where you do not need to pose. And people from this article were sure about that once they were captured by Google Car (Street View). These photos are of not very good picture quality but I believe they will give my dear readers a good laugh because of the humor in every detail. One can not only take great photos with a professional camera or camera of the phone but also use a car dash cam (Google Street View). These photos have captured many one-of-a-kind moments, promising not to let you down! Let’s come to the list of 16 weird shots suddenly taken by the Google Car that will definitely amaze you!
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Source: © flatearth4eva / imgur


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Source: © zigmo161 / pikabu


Source: © zigmo161 / pikabu


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Source: CNET





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