15+ Weird Creations That Will Make You ‘Wow’ With Your Mouth Open

The human mind is hard to understand, otherwise, how did a pooping dog lamp come into existence? Human creativity has no limits. However, that creativity does not always bring good things or valuable discoveries to this world. There are great designs with high application value for life. But besides that, there are many designs that are extremely absurd, even weird, making anyone feel confused at first sight. You are curious and may not understand what I mean here, right? So let's come to the list of 15+ weird creations that we have collected on the Internet. You're bound to say 'Wow' or 'Eww' – (Which one? I'm not so sure about it!)
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Source: © Zeustah-/Reddit


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Source: © Dennis Shields/Saatchi Art


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Source: DeMilked


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Source: Afrinik

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