We Wonder If These People Could Have Managed To Perform Their Tasks Properly Upon Seeing These Mistakes

Ever hear the phrase, “you had one job”? Usually it’s said after someone was responsible for one little thing, and somehow, even though there was only one thing on the list, that one thing got completely messed up. You. Had. One. Job! If it was up to us, we’d only talk about our successes. After all, who likes telling the entire world how badly they failed?! But failure is inevitable, and if you never go wrong, you never learn. Or so they say…
So this time, we are diving deep into the world of cases where people who had only one, a single heckin’ job on their to-do list, managed to fail miserably. And thanks to the 508k followers-strong subreddit “One Job,” there’s a lot to uncover.

#1. Drawing a baby


#2. Buffalo 911 Dispatcher Fired

Source: punchCuddles

#3. Something tells me a floating home actually needs to float

Source: ParadeSit

#4. I wonder why

Source: tarun2619

#5. Have a happy tuesday

Source: Major-Frame9571

#6. I present to you the first anti-mold paint for walls that managed to make mold in its original container

Source: Ok-Force-9554

#7. lmaoo what is this

Source: astralrig96

#8. You tried your best

Source: simplerick99

#9. Those guys already in 2024

Source: iambertan

#10. A for effort

Source: SqueakSquawk4

#11. Another case of failing the only job you were given

Source: username123456111111

#12. Holding a gun properly

Source: Mairess99

#13. Trains too big for tunnels

Source: Set_in_Stone-

#14. Am I wrong or is this actually harder than the obvious alternative?


#15. Thinking of an "I" animal was too hard

Source: zealanderous

#16. Really, Frankenstein is an author now?

Source: TamiTam55

#17. Handled the returns boss

Source: michel210883

#18. Uber eats

Source: robi0t

#19. Classic American move

Source: Saucybagel64

#20. While shopping at Costco-this caught my eye. Well, I guess it looks nice.

Source: WhenMaxAttax

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