We Hope You Won't Get Mad Seeing These Tech Fails

[Beep boop, does not compute.] Computers and their software are only as smart as the people who program them. And even then, no programmer is perfect: there might be a small error in the code, a pesky bug, or an unexpected glitch that makes the software do what it’s not supposed to. The results can be hilarious and might get you chuckling whether you’re a coding tech veteran or you cheekily press your PC’s ‘off’ button when prompted to ‘press any button to continue.’
We at Aubtu love the humor and thinks that it’s one of the most powerful tools in anyone’s arsenal when life gets dark, dangerous, and depressing. So we’ve surfed all over the net to bring you these glorious tech fails that would make even ‘The Matrix’ glitch out.

#1 These buttons

Source: MyGodBejeebus

#2 Not exactly faulty tech, but the sheer volume of packaging on Apple accessories

Source: BeckburyWolf

#3 So many tabs

Source: OsoEspacial

#4 Well, okay

Source: Electrical-Bedroom-6

#5 Two pixels shy of 720p

Source: memeskeepmealive420

#6 Google Maps made where I buried my dad a highlight on my 2020 Timeline update. Thanks

Source: psieks

#7 The algorithm is learning... just very slowly

Source: 70U1E

#8 Brand new oven with the vent misplaced

Source: trickyturtle0o

#9 Doing a test in P.E. and Wot

Source: SGTKP25

#10 This makes no sense. Why does the show I'm looking for vanish when I fully spell out its name??

Source: iship2manyanimegays

#11 This remote

Source: SpeedyEdie

#12 This online "sales"

Source: Dedaciai

#13 This "8" key

Source: Insect_Obvious

#14 Okay what now?

Source: d3sr3v3r

#15 A fake "skip ad" button on a video

Source: Dr_Skeleton

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