We Checked To See How 15 Classic Celebrities’ Looks Would Be If They Followed Our Trends

Classic celebrities are stars of the Golden Age of Hollywood, ruling the Entertainment industry between the ‘20s and ‘60s. It’s impossible not to mention Marilyn Monroe or Judy Garland. The companies did exceptionally well discovering raw talent and honing and polishing their stars until they reached perfection, bringing us some of the most glamorous old famous people.
We just see them through black-and-white photos so, it’s hard to imagine their appearance in modern times. Today we used AI to show you their new versions. The results are so awesome. Our favorite classic celebs look more fashionable in leather jackets or modern hairstyles.
If you’re curious about what classic Hollywood beauties would look like if they were in their prime today, scroll down to see.

#1 Ginger Rogers

Source: © The Barkleys of Broadway

#2 Faye Dunaway

Source: © Beverly Hills Madam

#3 Sophia Loren

Source: © Matrimonio all'italiana

#4 Grace Kelly

Source: © To Catch a Thief

#5 Marilyn Monroe

Source: © How to Marry a Millionaire

#6 Olivia Newton-John

Source: © Grease / Paramount Pictures

#7 Natalie Wood

Source: © This Property Is Condemned

#8 Marlon Brando

Source: © One-Eyed Jacks

#9 Paul Newman

Source: © The Prize / Roxbury Productions Inc.

#10 Kirk Douglas

Source: © The Arrangement

#11 Steve McQueen

Source: © The Sand Pebbles

#12 Sean Connery

Source: © Marnie / Alfred J. Hitchcock Productions

#13 Peter O’Toole

Source: © How to Steal a Million

#14 John Travolta

Source: © Grease / Paramount Pictures

#15 Frank Sinatra

Source: © Pal Joey

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