Watch Out!!! Here Comes 22 Hilarious Wedgies That Are Going To Give Your Behind Tingles

As functioning adults, we must all have experienced the uncomfortable tightening of the underpants between our buttcheeks, especially when it cost me some friends who tried to pull the underpants up from the back as a prank. Yup, that's none other than a wedgie!
While we do not condone bullying or causing harm to others, we can still find humor in some of the funniest moments where people have experienced the feeling of a wedgie. One wedgie is funny. Two is hilarious. Three, and you ask yourself if this has ever happened. But FIVE!? FIVE WEDGIES!? LOL, we even have more of those to come, so what are you waiting for? Get ready to feel the tingle in your behind by scrolling down and checking all these hilarious wedgies out; enjoy!

#1. "Mommmm!"

Source: dontclickthis

#2. Girl...

Source: skoften

#3. Say "Hiii!!!"

Source: picstopin

#4. Siblings be like:

Source: nazlim

#5. Girls just wanna have fun.

Source: acidcow

#6. Like my new hat?

Source: 8tracks

#7. Yoink!

Source: trinixy

#8. Look!

Source: erooups

#9. Aaahhhhh.

Source: acidcow

#10. Is this a commercial or something?

Source: acidcow

#11. Ah yes, sweet memories.

Source: funtasticus

#12. Oops.

Source: 2pep

#13. Girl, how do you not feel that???

Hilarious WedgiesSource: Unknown/Pinterest

#14. You can already hear the sound coming from this pic, R.I.P my dude.

Hilarious WedgiesSource: acidcow

#15. Why???

Source: Unknown/Imgur

#16. Not this become a trend.

Hilarious WedgiesSource: thepiratescove

#17. Aw, look at those helping hands!

Source: photobucket

#18. Cheeky since three.

Hilarious WedgiesSource: photobucket

#19. At this very moment, he knew, he had f*cked up:

Hilarious WedgiesSource: photobucket

#20. Ouch!

Hilarious WedgiesSource: ebaumsworld

#21. Double ouch!

Hilarious WedgiesSource: ebaumsworld

#22. Triple ouch!

Hilarious WedgiesSource: Unknown/Pinterest

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