Watch Out! Awful Holiday Dishes Are BACK, And They Are Worse Than Ever

The holiday season has finally arrived, and Christmas is right around the corner. Along with happy reunions and quality time for yourself, failures, especially cooking ones, can ruin the Christmas spirit and turn it into the worst holiday day ever. The icing on the cake is that these failures, mostly in the form of awful holiday dishes are usually the most visible, so they stick out like a sore thumb and make us want our holiday to end. But then people shared their worst fails on the internet, and we could not stop laughing. So, we have compiled some of those awful holiday dishes here to make you laugh along with us.
From furry friends having a feast to burnt pavlovas and potatoes mixed with gravel, we’ve all had our fair share of cooking fails (remember, don’t drink and be a pie maker!). And hey, this collection of holiday catastrophes below reminds us that no matter how much we beat ourselves up over a less-than-perfect dish, countless people are struggling far more than we are. So scroll down to check out the merry people whose holidays turned into hilarious jokes below!

#1. These Christmas candles:

Awful Holiday DishesSource: perfectionsalad

#2. This *shrimply* strange tree:

Source: Optimum_Havoc

#3. Cheesecake "bites"

Source: ImFromMarsTo

#4. Chrismas tree cookie anyone?

Awful Holiday DishesSource: u16173

#5. There was an attempt...

Source: acidcow

#6. This meaty nativity dish...

Source: AlexS101

#7. Who's ready for Christmas morning waffles?

Source: proscriptus

#8. This egg nog, which is made from scratch:

Source: jempai

#9. "My mom's Christmas cookies didn't come out as she'd anticipated..."

Awful Holiday DishesSource: iia

#10. Thanks, I hate it!

Source: TheSkippingStones

#11. Introducing: candy cane pizza

Awful Holiday DishesSource: gotham146

#12. Why???

Awful Holiday DishesSource: tuoitre

#13. Ramsay would never approve of this:

Source: jackiebro13

#14. Here we have this... tower:

Awful Holiday DishesSource: allrecipes

#15. Sin and tonic.

Yup, those are brussels sprouts.

Source: thesun

#16. This horrifying holiday pastry:

Awful Holiday DishesSource: imgur

#17. Popcorn “penguin” apocalypse:

Awful Holiday Dishes

Source: imgur

#18. This poor gingerbread “cottage”

Awful Holiday Dishes

Source: babyology

#19. And lastly, these poor reindeers:

Awful Holiday Dishes

Source: imgur

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