Warm Your Heart With 20+ Sweet Pics Showing Cats’ Transformation After Adoption

We all love watching amazing transformations, don’t we? It is always fulfilling to see the main character in our favorite Movies take off their sketchy outfits and become gorgeous beauties. Surprisingly, it turns out that seeing how the miserable rescue cats change after getting adopted makes us feel even better. These fluffy guys used to be abused or neglected when they were kittens. Some might be on the verge of death several times, but they successfully manage to wait for their human companions. Their resilience has paid off, and they now get what they deserve.
While they look skinny and dirty before the adoption, their appearance after that undoubtedly startles us. It seems that love and care is all these adorable babies need to thrive. In their comfortable forever home, their fur grows thicker and longer, and their bony bodies become chunky. Some of them probably perplex you with their drastic change. It’s hard to believe a smol fur ball could turn into a giant cat you can hardly hold with your hands.
The wounds on their bodies heal, and it seems like their souls are healed too, which melts everyone’s heart. If you’re feeling down and need some wholesome tonics to lift your mood, these pictures are absolutely for you. Or if you have a broken heart in your chest, let these furry felines help you with their power of healing!

#1 A lot of love and cat is healthy and adorable now.

Source: xsited1

#2 You can just see how happy she is now.

Source: IFadingLightI

#3 He has gotten too big to even hold up.

Source: Parkendlydia

#4 The love can be felt through the screen.

Source: OmegaaSupremee

#5 A little help is all he needed.

Source: hkh220

#6 Love the adorable mustache.

Source: olivealexander

#7 One year an make such a big difference.

Source: asuso

#8 He may be blind but his heart holds many wonders.

Source: Adishofcustard

#9 You can see the kitty is very thankful.

Source: minor_groove

#10 He deserves to be spoiled as much as possible.

Source: that_ginger18

#11 Damn, This is too adorable. My heart can’t take it.

Source: micumpleanoseshoy

#12 Only three weeks and he is on his way to becoming a model.

Source: badbradmtl

#13 Loving the bowtie, he looks very classy.

Source: Zombie_Mum

#14 Is this the cat form of Yin and Yang?

Source: croutelle

#15 He looks like a lion ready to strike.

Source: BoneyardHorizons

#16 You never have enough time with them as kids.

Source: DanteThonSimmons

#17 Even the leg is all healed in 6 months.

Source: Tycja

#18 This kitty was waiting at the bus stop so someone could get him home.

Source: Disco_Frisco

#19 The look of hope in the second picture is so endearing.

Source: pieceofkejt

#20 I never knew you could take cats for walks.

Source: vidanyabella

#21 Are we sure the second cat didn’t eat the first one?

Source: Michael34229136

#22 Just doing some yoga.

Source: butterybreadbuns

#23 They are the perfect pair!

Source: onlybrand

What do you think about the pics above? Do you think that cats’ ability to recover is so amazing? Maybe the old belief that cats have nine lives is true at certain levels. What about your furry babies? Do they look totally different from themselves before adoption? We’d love to see their cute photos in the comment below, and please check out other posts on our site for more cool images and ideas!
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