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Vicky Ogden Dancing On Ice: Everything You Need To Know About The Amazing Skater!

Dancing on Ice pro skater Vicky Ogden is viral on the net thanks to her duo with Eddie the Eagle in the show. If you happen to admire her fantastic performance and charisma, here's everything you need to know about this amazing ski pro.

Key Takeaways

  • Vicky Ogden, a renowned ice skater, began her journey at age six and excels in international competitions and performances.
  • Ogden's "Dancing On Ice" appearances include partnerships with Andy Whyment, Joe Pasquale, Sam Attwater, and Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards.
  • Married to Sam Attwater, Ogden's life combines professional ice skating success with a fulfilling family life, including two daughters.

Vicky Ogden In Dancing On Ice

Vicky Ogden In Dancing On Ice Source: Vicky Ogden In Dancing On Ice
Vicky Ogden is making a grand comeback on the 2024 season of "Dancing On Ice." Replacing the injured Tippy Packard, Ogden is teaming up with Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards. Her return is a celebration of talent and passion, much to the delight of fans and fellow skaters.
Ogden's skating journey began at age 6, a testament to her early dedication to the sport. Her participation in international competitions garnered her acclaim, marking her as a skilled and respected figure in ice skating. Beyond competitions, Ogden's talents extend to performances in renowned shows and choreographies for skaters in Milton Keynes. Off the rink, she is a director at the Milton Keynes International School of Skating and a qualified National Ice Skating Association coach.
In 2012, Ogden debuted on "Dancing On Ice," partnering with actor Andy Whyment, followed by collaborations with Joe Pasquale and Sam Attwater. Her performance with Attwater in 2014 led them to a notable fourth place. In 2024, Ogden's return brings fresh energy amidst injuries and departures of long-serving skaters, promising a season filled with new fervor.
Ogden's life intertwines with "Dancing On Ice" personally as well. She met her husband, Sam Attwater, on the show, and the couple now has a daughter, Rosie. This intertwining of her personal and professional life highlights her passion and love for the sport.
Ogden’s return to "Dancing On Ice" in 2024 is more than just a comeback; it symbolizes her enduring spirit and dedication to ice skating.

Who Is Skate Star Vicky Ogden?


Vicky Ogden, a famous ice skater, was born on May 10, 1984, in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. From a young age, Ogden showed a natural affinity for ice skating, beginning her journey in the sport at the tender age of six.

Career As A Skater

Ogden's ice skating career means her participation in multiple international competitions, showcasing her talent on a global stage. Her expertise extends beyond the rink, as she serves as the director of the Milton Keynes International School of Skating and is a qualified coach with the National Ice Skating Association (NISA). Ogden's passion for the sport is further evidenced by her performances in prestigious shows like Art on Ice and Kyran Bracken's Ice Party and her role as a choreographer for various skaters in Milton Keynes.

TV Shows Appearance

    • Debuted on "Dancing On Ice" in 2012, paired with Coronation Street actor Andy Whyment
    • Partnered with Joe Pasquale in the following year on the show
    • Paired with Sam Attwater in 2014, securing fourth place
    • Appeared in The Real Full Monty on Ice with co-star Ashley Banjo
    • Returned to "Dancing On Ice" in 2024, skating with Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards as a replacement for Tippy Packard


    Vicky Ogden's personal life is as fulfilling as her professional career. She married Sam Attwater, her partner from "Dancing On Ice," in 2014, marking them as the first couple from the show to tie the knot. The couple welcomed their first child, Rosie, in 2016 and their second daughter, Daisy, in 2019. 
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