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  1. Vera Wang’s daring fashion statement
  2. Vera’s perspective on aging
  3. The secrets behind her beauty

Vera Wang, 74, Defies Age In A Daring Look At The 2023 DKMS Gala

Vera Wang, the renowned fashion designer, seems to have found the fountain of youth, leaving her fans in awe of her timeless allure. With every passing year, she effortlessly sheds the weight of time, appearing at least a decade younger than her actual age. 
At the 2023 DKMS gala, the 74-year-old has captured everyone’s attention once again with her stunning attire and timeless elegance. At the event, she candidly shared her greatest fear, a fear even more profound than the passage of time.
Are you ready to take in her daring look and discover her fear after aging? Keep scrolling down for details.

Vera Wang’s daring fashion statement

Vera Wang was the center of attention at DKMS gala - a high-profile event hosted in New York City, where she confidently showcased her incredibly fit physique in a bold black bralette top. She elegantly matched it with a black maxi skirt and long gloves. 
“I’ve devoted my whole life to dressing women and styling women. From my years at Vogue magazine, I was an editor for 17 years, to working for Ralph Lauren, designing for my own company, my whole life has been about empowering women,” she responded when questioned about her growing confidence with age.
Her fans couldn't help but be in awe of her. Amid the sea of positive comments, one person wrote, "You are ageless and such a positive role model!”

Vera’s perspective on aging

Vera Wang is celebrated for how gracefully she has aged, but she doesn't focus too much on that aspect. She holds the belief that as everyone grows older, it's only natural to prioritize concerns related to physical abilities rather than appearances.
The fashionista confessed, “ I think what happens sometimes as you age… I’m more frightened about physical disabilities… noy all this. I’m not totally preoccupied with how I look. I love my work, and I’m very passionate about my work, my friends, and my daughters.”

The secrets behind her beauty

Vera Wang's secrets behind her beauty Source: Getty Images
When it comes to her ageless appearance, Vera Wang shares something interesting. She maintains her youthful appearance by sipping revitalizing drinks, getting a good nine hours of sleep each night, and protecting her skin from excessive sun exposure. Staying active and engaged in meaningful work also keeps her mind, body, and spirit youthful. She also attributes her radiant skin to the use of baby oil during bath time.
“I think work keeps you young and stimulated. I work very long hours, I’ve raised two daughters. I think keeping busy is the best antidote for good health,” the designer shared. “You know I’ve been asked, ‘What are my secrets?’ And I’ve got to be really honest, one of them is sleep.”

Sport is the key to her fitness, keeping her in top form and contributing to her overall stunning look. A quick scroll through Vera Wang's Instagram posts reveals her passion for a variety of sports, from tennis to cycling and golf. It's no wonder that her commitment to physical activity plays a significant role in maintaining her enviable appearance.

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