'Uh-oh' Moments When Things Went Downhill Really, Really Fast

Life can be full of surprises, and sometimes, those surprises aren't the good kind.
Yup, I was talking about those "uh-oh" moments that make us want to crawl back into bed and stay there for the rest of the day. Like when you're running late for work, and suddenly you spill coffee all over your shirt, or when you thought you set your alarm for AM instead of PM, and you wake up three hours late. And let's not forget about the moment you realize you've accidentally sent a text message to the wrong person or when you're halfway through a presentation, and you suddenly forget everything you wanted to say. Those moments make you want to scream, "Can we just start this day over?" But the truth is, life doesn't work that way.
So, grab a cup of coffee, take a deep breath, and remember that sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself and move on. After all, these "uh-oh" moments make for great stories later on.

#1. Boiii

Things Went DownhillSource: Unknown/Imgur

#2. Let's just say the mom is less than impressed.

Things Went DownhillSource: dailymail

#3. There was an attempt... to pour

Source: Unknown/Imgur

#4. Wait for it...

Things Went DownhillSource: sa may-ari

#5. Hmm...

Source: abaganoush

#6. The last thing you wanted to fall from the cabinet:

Source: Golasoki4677

#7. He's gonna be a good mom.

Things Went DownhillSource: Unknown/Pinterest

#8. You're dead LOL.

Source: Unknnown/pantip

#9. This picture has sound.

Source: Unknown/Pinterest

#10. "... so I left a bar of dark chocolate in the pocket"

Source: Kitchen_Economics182

#11. Now, you're hot!

Things Went DownhillSource: Chello

#12. Aaaah!

Things Went DownhillSource: googleme420

#13. This is sending so many mixed messages.

Source: Unknown/Tumblr

#14. They could HANDLE this better.

Source: gulas

#15. Sh*t!

Things Went DownhillSource: xigimahuj

#16. "First time in a few weeks".... riiiight

Source: Unknown/Reddit

#17. Nope!

Source: juneauempire

#18. Bird dropped a catfish onto car windshield:

Source: justinator5

#19. F***

Source: assets

#20. Wow!

Source: batona

#21. Dang kitty!

Source: unknown

#22. Well...

Things Went DownhillSource: cheezburger

#23. One... wait

Source: Unknown/Imgur

#24. Uhm...

Things Went DownhillSource: Unknown/Reddit

#25. "Just finished the coffee creamer, and after removing the paper..."

Source: BlueBomberIV

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