Trust Me, You Can't Stop Laughing At All These Dumb Americans

The United States has a strong economy and is regarded as the world's leading power in virtually every area. Many people consider the United States as the promised land for furthering their careers. However, there are those Americans who post ridiculous comments on social media and always insist they are true, even when 99% of the rest of the world knows they are wrong.

We came across this Reddit Group called “Shit Americans Say” that is dedicated to sharing Americans’ stupid posts on social media. You seriously can't stop laughing at all these dumb Americans who got absolutely roasted into oblivion. What are you waiting for? Scroll down below to check out a list of ignorant Americans. Let's get started!

#1. You're On The Internet, Which Is American

Source: Nulligravida

#2. I'd Rather Pay For Health Care Than Have A Silly Accent

Source: Nulligravida

#3. Why Doesn't Ukraine Respect The First Amendment

Source: mayasux

#4. The Cops In Our School

Source: brnwndsn

#5. On The Countries Of The World

Source: Reddit

#6. On Liberia

Source: Reddit

#7. On Temperature

Source: Reddit

#8. On Distance

Source: Reddit

#9. Wait Other Countries Didn't Have To Sing Their National Anthem Every Day At School For 12 Years???

Source: Reddit

#10. Would Love To See Some Of These Countries Try To F With The US

Source: louckak

#11. On the World Cup

Source: Contra1

#12. Offended By Our Patriotism, Wattpad Girl?


#13. They Started Faking An Accent

Source: ArkhamKnight342

#14. You Shoud Put The U.S. For English

Source: UselesssShit95

#15. America Is The Reason You Have Cars

Source: LazyFlamingRooster

#16. On liters

Source: LazyFlamingRooster

#17. On Greenland

Source: Hestbarn

#18. On debt

Source: spectatorindex

#19. Europe Sucks

Source: betterthewiser

#20. Did You Know Our Servers Survive On Your Tipping Kindness?

Source: Theemuts

#21. Oops!

Source: essard

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